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发布于2016-05-18 14:39:58
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Welcome to ArtForms, a Joomla's forms component!

The ArtForms component is a package for an easy From Generator for Joomla 1.0.xx. It allows you to generate as much Forms as you like, you can define all fields that you need and also make file upload and attachment possible. The idea of the ArtForms is to give a tool that is enabling you to create a dynamic forms in minutes within your Joomla! CMS. It is in the responsibility of the 3rd Party developer to provide the required translation files but generally there is no limitation in the structure or information you want to make translatabe. If you translate it in your language please send me a copy to add it in to tha official package.

The key features are: * Possibility for create an unlimited amount of forms with unlimited fields

and contents. * Possibility to edit component's css, language, settings and update easy from old versions. * Optional you can save all recived forms in database. * A tutorial guide you to know how to use ArtForms (Under Development). * Captcha support with optional systems for every form. * SEF support and AJAX in frontend (Under Development). * And much more!

SVN (future v.2.1 b6.1)

! When you update from old versions please don't forget to perform updates and

check settings! ! Frontend recived forms was disabled by default, if you need that please check settings. If you need to create a menu use URL option and write one of these: " /index.php?option=com_artforms&task=ferforms " or " /index.php?option=com_artforms&task=tferforms " . # Fixed modules' links that didn't showed when users was loged in Joomla. ^ Added in language files their language entries for navigation in recived forms (backend and front end) and created forms (backend). # Fixed missed apply changes to Copy forms option in backend. + Added new feature: New option to insert an email to send only confirmations on every recived form. See that options when edit or make new forms. ^ Now files attachments can be made manditory, check that options when edit or make new forms. ^ Date validations are now setted by language file to work better with joomfish. ^ During hard testing to implement FancyUploads into ArtForms code and without success (because javascript and files verifications limitations) this attachment system has been deleted from package. Maybe in near future will come again! + Added new feature: Last ArtForms' version checker in About ArtForms (Info). + Added new feature: You can show recived forms in frontend (two diferent modes) or switch off this feature. Default is off. You can select if you want to allow show attahments in frontend too. This feature have email spam protection. # Fixed minor error in recived forms when a form sent with one or more empty input attachments. + Added new feature: If you have Letterman you can add an option to allow users to subscribe to your newsletter. More newsletter's bridges maybe come. # Fixed some wrong html layout in old field editor, changed inputs to textarea from values, default values and layout (new!). + Added option for edit default fields layout. See Settings. + Added new option for fields: layout. Now you can change field's HTML, layout, etc. + Added option to switch Helper into state activate or not. This option is disable by default, so you need switch to yes under settings. + Added Helper to help you to know more about some options when you create or edit a form. # Fixed wrong positioned of captchas in content mambot. Edited captcha Alikon Mod, Captcha Form and Captcha Talk (please update Mini Form Module and content mambot) + Added csv and xml export option in recived forms. + Added Joomfish support. # Fixed issues with stickman upload systems. # Fixed bug with no data recived from textarea



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名称 大小 修改日期
ArtForms2.1b6.1-RC1.forJ1.0.x-(Install-Package).zip1.67 MB2007-12-08|15:56
ArtForms2.1b6.1-RC1.forJ1.0.x-(Update-Package).zip1.70 MB2007-12-08|15:56


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