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 * math.h: ANSI 'C' (X3J11 Oct 88) library header, section 4.5
 * Copyright (C) Codemist Ltd., 1988
 * Copyright 1991-1998,2004-2006 ARM Limited. All rights reserved

 * RCS $Revision: 138251 $ Codemist 0.03
 * Checkin $Date: 2008-10-07 12:02:11 +0100 (Tue, 07 Oct 2008) $
 * Revising $Author: statham $

 * Parts of this file are based upon fdlibm:
 * ====================================================
 * Copyright (C) 1993 by Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
 * Developed at SunSoft, a Sun Microsystems, Inc. business.
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
 * software is freely granted, provided that this notice
 * is preserved.
 * ====================================================

#ifndef __math_h
#define __math_h

 * Some of these declarations are new in C99.  To access them in C++
 * you can use -D__USE_C99_MATH (or -D__USE_C99_ALL).
#ifndef __USE_C99_MATH
  #if defined(__USE_C99_ALL) || (defined(__STDC_VERSION__) && 199901L <= __STDC_VERSION__)
    #define __USE_C99_MATH 1

#define _ARMABI __declspec(__nothrow)
#define _ARMABI_SOFTFP __declspec(__nothrow) __softfp
#define _ARMABI_PURE __declspec(__nothrow) __pure
# define _ARMABI_FPEXCEPT _ARMABI __pure

#ifdef __cplusplus
#define _ARMABI_INLINE inline
#define _ARMABI_INLINE_DEF inline
#elif defined __GNUC__ || defined _USE_STATIC_INLINE
#define _ARMABI_INLINE static __inline
#define _ARMABI_INLINE_DEF static __inline
#elif (defined(__STDC_VERSION__) && 199901L <= __STDC_VERSION__)
#define _ARMABI_INLINE inline
#define _ARMABI_INLINE_DEF static inline
#define _ARMABI_INLINE __inline
#define _ARMABI_INLINE_DEF __inline

    * If the compiler supports signalling nans as per N965 then it
    * will define __SUPPORT_SNAN__, in which case a user may define
    * _WANT_SNAN in order to obtain the nans function, as well as the
    * FP_NANS and FP_NANQ classification macros.
#if defined(__SUPPORT_SNAN__) && defined(_WANT_SNAN)
#pragma import(__use_snan)

 * Macros for our inline functions down below.
 * unsigned& __FLT(float x) - returns the bit pattern of x
 * unsigned& __HI(double x) - returns the bit pattern of the high part of x
 *                            (high part has exponent & sign bit in it)
 * unsigned& __LO(double x) - returns the bit pattern of the low part of x
 * We can assign to __FLT, __HI, and __LO and the appropriate bits get set in
 * the floating point variable used.
 * __HI & __LO are affected by the endianness and the target FPU.
#define __FLT(x) (*(unsigned *)&(x))
#ifdef __BIG_ENDIAN
#  define __LO(x) (*(1 + (unsigned *)&(x)))
#  define __HI(x) (*(unsigned *)&(x))
#else /* ndef __BIG_ENDIAN */
#  define __HI(x) (*(1 + (unsigned *)&(x)))
#  define __LO(x) (*(unsigned *)&(x))
#endif /* ndef __BIG_ENDIAN */

#   ifndef __MATH_DECLS
#   define __MATH_DECLS

 * A set of functions that we don't actually want to put in the standard
 * namespace ever.  These are all called by the C99 macros.  As they're
 * not specified by any standard they can't belong in ::std::.  The
 * macro #defines are below amongst the standard function declarations.
 * We only include these if we actually need them later on
#if !defined(__STRICT_ANSI__) || defined(__USE_C99_MATH)
#   ifdef __cplusplus
      extern "C" {

#   endif /* __cplusplus */

extern __softfp unsigned __ARM_dcmp4(double /*x*/, double /*y*/);
extern __softfp unsigned __ARM_fcmp4(float /*x*/, float /*y*/);
     * Compare x and y and return the CPSR in r0.  These means we can test for
     * result types with bit pattern matching.
     * These are a copy of the declarations in rt_fp.h keep in sync.

extern _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_fpclassifyf(float /*x*/);
extern _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_fpclassify(double /*x*/);
    /* Classify x into NaN, infinite, normal, subnormal, zero */
    /* Used by fpclassify macro */

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_isfinitef(float __x)

    return ((__FLT(__x) >> 23) & 0xff) != 0xff;

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_isfinite(double __x)

    return ((__HI(__x) >> 20) & 0x7ff) != 0x7ff;

    /* Return 1 if __x is finite, 0 otherwise */
    /* Used by isfinite macro */

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_isinff(float __x)

    return (__FLT(__x) << 1) == 0xff000000;

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_isinf(double __x)

    return ((__HI(__x) << 1) == 0xffe00000) && (__LO(__x) == 0);

    /* Return 1 if __x is infinite, 0 otherwise */
    /* Used by isinf macro */

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_islessgreaterf(float __x, float __y)

    unsigned __f = __ARM_fcmp4(__x, __y) >> 28;
    return (__f == 8) || (__f == 2); /* Just N set or Just Z set */

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_islessgreater(double __x, double __y)

    unsigned __f = __ARM_dcmp4(__x, __y) >> 28;
    return (__f == 8) || (__f == 2); /* Just N set or Just Z set */

     * Compare __x and __y and return 1 if __x < __y or __x > __y, 0 otherwise
     * Used by islessgreater macro

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_isnanf(float __x)

    return (0x7f800000 - (__FLT(__x) & 0x7fffffff)) >> 31;

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_isnan(double __x)

    unsigned __xf = __HI(__x) | ((__LO(__x) == 0) ? 0 : 1);
    return (0x7ff00000 - (__xf & 0x7fffffff)) >> 31;

    /* Return 1 if __x is a NaN, 0 otherwise */
    /* Used by isnan macro */

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_isnormalf(float __x)

    unsigned __xe = (__FLT(__x) >> 23) & 0xff;
    return (__xe != 0xff) && (__xe != 0);

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_isnormal(double __x)

    unsigned __xe = (__HI(__x) >> 20) & 0x7ff;
    return (__xe != 0x7ff) && (__xe != 0);

    /* Return 1 if __x is a normalised number, 0 otherwise */
    /* used by isnormal macro */

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_signbitf(float __x)

    return __FLT(__x) >> 31;

_ARMABI_INLINE_DEF _ARMABI_SOFTFP int __ARM_signbit(double __x)

    return __HI(__x) >> 31;

    /* Return signbit of __x */
    /* Used by signbit macro */

#   ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" */
#   endif /* __cplusplus */
#endif /* Strict ANSI */

#   undef __CLIBNS

#   ifdef __cplusplus
      namespace std {

#       define __CLIBNS ::std::
        extern "C" {

#   else
#       define __CLIBNS
#   endif  /* __cplusplus */

#if !defined(__STRICT_ANSI__) || defined(__USE_C99_MATH)
  /* C99 additions */
  typedef float float_t;
  typedef double double_t;
#   define HUGE_VALF ((float)__INFINITY__)
#   define HUGE_VALL ((long double)__INFINITY__)
#   define INFINITY ((float)__INFINITY__)
#   define NAN (__ESCAPE__(0f_7FC00000))

#   define MATH_ERRNO 1
#   define MATH_ERREXCEPT 2
#   define math_errhandling MATH_ERRNO
#define HUGE_VAL ((double)__INFINITY__)

extern _ARMABI double acos(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the principal value of the arc cosine of x */
   /* a domain error occurs for arguments not in the range -1 to 1 */
   /* Returns: the arc cosine in the range 0 to Pi. */
extern _ARMABI double asin(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the principal value of the arc sine of x */
   /* a domain error occurs for arguments not in the range -1 to 1 */
   /* and -HUGE_VAL is returned. */
   /* Returns: the arc sine in the range -Pi/2 to Pi/2. */

extern _ARMABI_PURE double atan(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the principal value of the arc tangent of x */
   /* Returns: the arc tangent in the range -Pi/2 to Pi/2. */

extern _ARMABI double atan2(double /*y*/, double /*x*/);
   /* computes the principal value of the arc tangent of y/x, using the */
   /* signs of both arguments to determine the quadrant of the return value */
   /* a domain error occurs if both args are zero, and -HUGE_VAL returned. */
   /* Returns: the arc tangent of y/x, in the range -Pi to Pi. */

extern _ARMABI double cos(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the cosine of x (measured in radians). A large magnitude */
   /* argument may yield a result with little or no significance. */
   /* a domain error occurs for infinite input (C 7.12.1 footnote 196). */
   /* Returns: the cosine value. */
extern _ARMABI double sin(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the sine of x (measured in radians). A large magnitude */
   /* argument may yield a result with little or no significance. */
   /* a domain error occurs for infinite input (C 7.12.1 footnote 196). */
   /* Returns: the sine value. */

extern void __use_accurate_range_reduction(void);
   /* reference this to select the larger, slower, but more accurate */
   /* range reduction in sin, cos and tan */

extern _ARMABI double tan(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the tangent of x (measured in radians). A large magnitude */
   /* argument may yield a result with little or no significance */
   /* Returns: the tangent value. */
   /*          if range error; returns HUGE_VAL. */

extern _ARMABI double cosh(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the hyperbolic cosine of x. A range error occurs if the */
   /* magnitude of x is too large. */
   /* Returns: the hyperbolic cosine value. */
   /*          if range error; returns HUGE_VAL. */
extern _ARMABI double sinh(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the hyperbolic sine of x. A range error occurs if the */
   /* magnitude of x is too large. */
   /* Returns: the hyperbolic sine value. */
   /*          if range error; returns -HUGE_VAL or HUGE_VAL depending */
   /*          on the sign of the argument */

extern _ARMABI_PURE double tanh(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the hyperbolic tangent of x. */
   /* Returns: the hyperbolic tangent value. */

extern _ARMABI double exp(double /*x*/);
   /* computes the exponential function of x. A range error occurs if the */
   /* magnitude of x is too large. */
   /* Returns: the exponential value. */
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stm32f10x_pwr.crf250.44 kB27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_pwr.d934.00 B27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_pwr.o272.81 kB27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_rcc.crf254.96 kB27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_rcc.d934.00 B27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_rcc.o279.62 kB27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_rtc.crf250.32 kB27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_rtc.d934.00 B27-06-11|08:42
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stm32f10x_spi.d934.00 B27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_spi.o283.96 kB27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_tim.crf268.04 kB27-06-11|08:42
stm32f10x_tim.d934.00 B27-06-11|08:42
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system_stm32f10x.o269.04 kB27-06-11|08:41
time.crf248.35 kB27-06-11|08:42
time.d713.00 B27-06-11|08:42
time.o269.30 kB27-06-11|08:42
usart.crf258.49 kB29-06-11|15:32
usart.d1.02 kB29-06-11|15:32
usart.o283.77 kB29-06-11|15:32
usart.__i312.00 B29-06-11|15:32
stm32_obd.plg59.05 kB17-06-11|09:51
stm32_obd.uvopt82.25 kB29-06-11|17:48
stm32_obd.uvproj23.74 kB21-06-11|15:00
stm32_obd_Target1.00 B3%|29-06-11
stm32_obd_uvopt.bak82.25 kB29-06-11|17:31
stm32_obd_uvproj.bak23.56 kB20-06-11|11:29
core_cm3.c15.87 kB06-04-09|10:30
core_cm3.h41.09 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x.h518.43 kB06-04-09|10:30
system_stm32f10x.c23.60 kB06-04-09|10:30
system_stm32f10x.h2.11 kB06-04-09|10:30
startup_stm32f10x_md.s12.27 kB06-04-09|10:30
misc.h4.83 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_adc.h19.10 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_bkp.h7.20 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_can.h13.95 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_crc.h1.93 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_dac.h10.03 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_dbgmcu.h2.91 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_dma.h18.35 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_exti.h5.70 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_flash.h14.11 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_fsmc.h16.87 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_gpio.h14.70 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_i2c.h16.53 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_iwdg.h3.59 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_pwr.h4.10 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_rcc.h15.88 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_rtc.h3.57 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_sdio.h18.16 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_spi.h14.55 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_tim.h47.63 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_type.h3.44 kB02-09-09|17:36
stm32f10x_usart.h14.14 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_wwdg.h2.72 kB06-04-09|10:30
misc.c6.71 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_adc.c45.54 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_bkp.c8.05 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_can.c30.23 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_crc.c3.26 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_dac.c13.40 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_dbgmcu.c4.21 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_dma.c26.72 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_exti.c6.64 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_flash.c25.73 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_fsmc.c34.11 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_gpio.c17.47 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_i2c.c36.45 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_iwdg.c4.70 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_pwr.c8.72 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_rcc.c32.99 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_rtc.c8.38 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_sdio.c27.82 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_spi.c27.09 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_tim.c99.50 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_usart.c34.11 kB06-04-09|10:30
stm32f10x_wwdg.c5.49 kB06-04-09|10:30
all-wcprops1.91 kB29-06-11|14:21
entries3.19 kB29-06-11|14:21
can.c.svn-base13.36 kB29-06-11|10:13
can.h.svn-base1.08 kB27-06-11|10:12
GLOBAL.c.svn-base198.00 B29-06-11|10:13
global.h.svn-base1.30 kB29-06-11|10:13
GPIO.c.svn-base999.00 B24-06-11|11:17
GPIO.H.svn-base496.00 B24-06-11|11:17
InitialStm32.c.svn-base1.69 kB24-06-11|11:17
InitialStm32.h.svn-base91.00 B24-06-11|11:17
KMS_Table.h.svn-base5.09 kB24-06-11|11:17
main.c.svn-base2.55 kB29-06-11|10:13
math.h.svn-base39.99 kB24-06-11|11:17
obd.c.svn-base39.57 kB29-06-11|14:21
obd.h.svn-base9.29 kB29-06-11|14:21
stm32f10x_conf.h.svn-base3.13 kB24-06-11|11:17
stm32f10x_it.c.svn-base24.02 kB24-06-11|11:17
stm32f10x_it.h.svn-base1.85 kB24-06-11|11:17
time.c.svn-base3.50 kB24-06-11|11:17
time.h.svn-base245.00 B24-06-11|11:17
USART.C.svn-base6.78 kB24-06-11|11:17
USART.H.svn-base625.00 B24-06-11|11:17
can.c13.36 kB27-06-11|15:04
can.h1.08 kB25-06-11|18:01
GLOBAL.c198.00 B27-06-11|11:46
global.h1.30 kB29-06-11|15:32
GPIO.c999.00 B24-06-11|11:17
GPIO.H496.00 B24-06-11|11:17
InitialStm32.c1.69 kB24-06-11|11:17
InitialStm32.h91.00 B24-06-11|11:17
KMS_Table.h5.09 kB24-06-11|11:17
main.c2.43 kB29-06-11|17:31
math.h39.99 kB24-06-11|11:17
obd.c41.63 kB29-06-11|17:13
obd.h9.17 kB29-06-11|14:32
stm32f10x_conf.h3.13 kB24-06-11|11:17
stm32f10x_it.c24.02 kB24-06-11|11:17
stm32f10x_it.h1.85 kB24-06-11|11:17
time.c3.50 kB24-06-11|11:17
time.h245.00 B24-06-11|11:17
USART.C6.78 kB24-06-11|11:17
USART.H625.00 B24-06-11|11:17
j1939??.doc24.50 kB20-06-11|17:36
~$1939??.doc162.00 B18-06-11|09:19
????.TXT358.00 B20-06-11|11:38
?????.doc25.00 kB20-06-11|16:15
prop-base0.00 B24-06-11|11:17
props0.00 B24-06-11|11:17
text-base0.00 B29-06-11|14:21
inc0.00 B17-06-11|09:35
src0.00 B17-06-11|09:35
prop-base0.00 B24-06-11|11:17
props0.00 B24-06-11|11:17
text-base0.00 B29-06-11|14:21
tmp0.00 B29-06-11|14:21
CMSIS0.00 B17-06-11|09:35
StartUp0.00 B17-06-11|09:35
StdPerphi_Driver0.00 B17-06-11|09:35
.svn0.00 B29-06-11|14:21
list0.00 B17-06-11|09:57
obj0.00 B29-06-11|17:13
lib0.00 B17-06-11|09:35
user0.00 B24-06-11|11:22
insource0.00 B10-10-17|13:37
keil0.00 B29-06-11|17:48
source0.00 B24-06-11|11:20
spec0.00 B10-10-17|14:19
stm32-obdII0.00 B10-10-17|13:36

math.h (3.82 MB)

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