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プラグインの概要 Redmineに登録したチケットとバージョンの情報から、 開発者ごとの作業負荷とタスクの進捗状況をざっくりと確認できるプラグイン。 できるだけ少ない入力項目で、それなりの進捗情報を表示できるこ...


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Ultimate Theme Manager Abandoned I haven't done anything on this project for a long time. If you want to take over the project or do anything of that sort, email me at Purpose Imagine you want your entire Linux desktop to be a certain color, such as blue. Norm...

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What is this? The Ultimate Claws Mail theme is a theme for Claws Mail with icons from the Ultimate Gnome theme for Gnome. News Version 0.5.1 is out! This Version adds a couple icons, notably the attach icon. Working on the little icons for Version 0.6! They are problematic, as they do not...


Une Radio Shoutast contenant 28.799 radios 3 Possibilités pour lancer l'Ultimate Portal depuis le navigateur internet : saisissez l'adresse "file:/psp.html" Depuis la radio (mode "Shoutcast" ou "UP4PSP 7") Depuis JEUX > UP4PSP Un store , un vrais (pas en chips quoi...

Ultimate Warcraft3 expansion

Ultimate Warcraft3 expansion for Counter Strike Version 1.6 AMXX Plugin: Ultimate Warcraft3 Expansion ( uwc3x ) UWC3X is written for AMX Mod X Original UWC3 mod by K2mia with portions by Dumb and the community This plugin is a new approach to the War3 and War3FT plugins creat...

Version of the Doctrine for CodeIgniter 1.0 plugin by Nicholas Husher which conforms to the CodeIgniter stucture. It also features a controller to aide you in the generation of the data model.

Doctrine for CodeIgniter? Enhanced 1.1 Brought to you by Gregory Kornblum - The original Version of the Doctrine for CodeIgniter? 1.0 plugin by Nicholas Husher is set up so the generated models don't go into the models directory of the application directory used by CodeI...

SubVersion Dump Editor

A small python application that will allow the editing of a subVersion dump file. This should allow you to make modifications to your repository (via svnadmin dump and load) to remove sensitive data from a file/revision without having to completely remove the file containing the sensitive data. A go...

MUltimaterial 3D electrostatic solver focused on the calculation of dielectrophoretic forces.

PROJECT HAS MOVED TO NEWS (2008-11-10) Bugfix release 2.1 available for download in patch and full Version forms. It fixes a mistake in the multipolar calculation of orders 2 and 3 for quadratic triangular elements. All previous Versions have been marked as...

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