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Converts XHTML to IDML/ICML (Adobe InDesign File Formats)

Ickmull is a tool to turn web content into a format for Adobe InDesign. More concretely, it is an XSLT transform for taking basic prose text in XHTML format (from a blog or wiki, for instance) and converting it to the open, XML-based ICML format (a subset of the full IDML spec) so the content can be...

Assembly3D is a collection of File-Formats describing animated virtual 3D scenes with a focus on real-time use.

Note: This project is very much under construction and all information in the wiki are simply placeholders for the content to come soon. Note: Please do not hesitate with critics, recommendations or feature requests. Since the project is at an early phase you can actively shape it! About Assembly...

An EPUB (and associated File Formats, like OPF) library for Ruby.

An EPUB (and associated File Formats, like OPF) library for Ruby. Near Roadmap ☑ OPF File support (2008 Dec. 27) ☑ NCX File support (2008 Dec. 27) ☑ EPUB project skeleton (mimetype, META-INF/container.xml, OPF File, NCX File) EPUB script to properly build (proper zip File compression/creati...

BeanIO is a Java library for marshalling and unmarshalling bean objects from a stream, with support for XML, CSV, delimited and fixed length File Formats.

BeanIO BeanIO is an open source Java framework for marshalling and unmarshalling Java objects from a flat File, stream, or simple String object. BeanIO is configured using a XML mapping File, Java annotations or a builder API, and currently supports XML, CSV, delimited, and fixed length File form...

This packages includes tools for converting models to and from the Eclipse Engine File Formats via the FBX SDK toolkit

This packages includes an command line application for converting Bioware's Eclipse engine models from the native format to something that can be manipulated or used a reference for non-derivative works. The Eclipse Engine is currently used for Dragon Age: Origins. Currently the package only conve...

Cheminformatics fingerprint File Formats and tools

(chemfp for short) is a set of Formats and related tools for the storage, exchange, and search of cheminformatics fingerprint data sets. Download chemfp-1.1p1.tar.gz. Note: this is a source distribution. Precompiled installers look complicated to do, and will wait until a paying customer asks for...

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