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ersonal Finance(PF). This will help individuals to manage their personal finance information easily. It is Designed for home and small business users with simple interface which is buiLT using eclipse.swt compOnent.The software was buiLT using Java & HSQL

Personal Finance(PF).It can run on the system which is supported by java SE 6.Now the language is only chinese.English-language is supported in the next version. The software was buiLT using Java & HSQLDB.It can run on the system which is supported by java SE 6.The interface is made up of eclip...

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Add PDF Pages aspect to item

PDF Pages It is an Action for Alfresco. Adds an aspect that counts the pages of a PDF and saves the value in a property. Recommendation for use Copy the jar to the $ALF_HOME/tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/lib; Restart the alfresco server; Create a new rule in the desired space; Set the rule...

An Eggdrop script Designed to keep track of users last activity.

Statusd is a reimagining of Seend script Designed to track users by storing thier latest activity & hostmask. Activities include joined, parted, kicked, quit, nick change, spoke, and action. If status is not found script will check channels nick list. If nick isn't in channel then a pattern sear...

Add a chat functionality to ruTorrent

ruTorrent chat This ruTorrent plugin will Add a chat functionality with which you can communicate with other users on the same ruTorrent setup. Main features chat with all other users on the ruTorrent setup chat with individual users on the ruTorrent setup (PM) auto popup on new message clear...

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MuLTilayer sigmoid perceptron with One hidden layer

MuLTilayer sigmoid perceptron with One hidden layer. The system was Designed like a hierarchical classifier. Iris flower data set has been chosen as a test case. Activation function of the hidden layer is sinus, activation function of the output layer is hyperbolic tangent. Technique of learning...

MuLTiple kernel copies to accelerate memory access speed in NUMA architect.

In NUMA Architect, normally there are more than 1 nodes which contains processors and memory. The processor has faster access to memory resides on the same node, but much slower to memory resides on the other nodes. So if there are muLTiple copies for the kernel pages deployed on every node, the...

iPhOne/iTouch Geography Quiz (SFU CMPT275 Project)

Team iGeo iGeo is an iPhOne/iPod touch application aimed at kids ages 6 to 12. It will allow users to quickly assemble a knowledge of the world's geography in a fun and interactive environment. |Team Biography|Assignment 1|Assignment 2a|Assignment 2b|Assignment 3| Assignment 4|Assignment 5|Minute...

Add a note artefact to Mahara and display them in your portfolios.

Mahara artefact that let you to create notes and display them in your portfolios. This has a few benefits over the standard block text: * You can reuse your notes across several portfolios * You have more estates to edit your text * You can save drafts Printscreen Get the code To get t...

Add Vista Compositing effects to Firefox 3

The goal of the project is basically to write an XPCOM compOnent that enables Firefox (or other XULRunner apps) to call Vista Compositor functions. Glass frames will be exposed to themers through a set of bindings they can use in areas where they want glass. To keep non-glass themes from breaking,...

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