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ersonal Finance(PF). This will help individuals to manage their personal finance information easily. It is Designed for home and small business users with simple interface which is buiLT using eclipse.swt compOnent.The software was buiLT using Java & HSQL

Personal Finance(PF).It can run on the system which is supported by java SE 6.Now the language is only chinese.English-language is supported in the next version. The software was buiLT using Java & HSQLDB.It can run on the system which is supported by java SE 6.The interface is made up of eclip...

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MangerSain -- A French food Additives application for mobile devices

MangerSain is a food Additives application for mobile devices (specialy written for the Openmoko Neo Freerunner). Its interface aims to be easy and finger friendly. It's written in [Python]( / [Elementary]( and uses SQLite for stor...

Adds a mana monitor and information to Titan

Adds a mana monitor and information for spell casters to Titan Panel. This provides tracking of mana used both in and out of combat, as well as damage, healing dOne (in and out of combat), and overhealing dOne. This information is reported in a variety of Ways: Damage per second, Healing per sec...

Additional tools for model assessment

Description: This package contains Additional tools to assess model from 'glm' or 'lm' functions: bootstrap procedures based on the function 'boot', graphical representations, cost functions (e.g. RMSE, MAE,AVER,...), another functions related to ROC curves. If you have any comments, please don't...

MuLTifile and large file upload extension for eZPublish based on moxiecode's plupload

This extension was developed to make it possible to upload large files using moxiecode's plupload ( This makes is possible to upload muLTi-gig files on the ezpublish front-end and back-end using various runtimes without being constrained by apache or php size limits....

Links' is a drupal module that assists in creating a menu driven by taxonomy.' target='_blank'>'Taxonomy Links' is a drupal module that assists in creating a menu driven by taxonomy.

This module intends to leverage both taxonomy.module and menu.module and acts like a glue between the two. After choosing a vocabulary, this module can be used to dump a taxonomy tree into a menu. This menu remains totally configurable using menu.module, so Links can be modified, deleted, or Added....

CruiseControl monitor Add-on for mozilla Firefox

monitor build status of your projects from Firefox status bar. This site hosts sources for the Addon as well as beta and archived versions. If you just want to install latest stable version do it from official mozilla Addons Site Installation Notes You should have cruisecontrol.war o...

modified' target='_blank'>ConWay's Game of Life modified

Based on ConWay's Game of Life, but with 'genetic' inheritance of color and small probability of random mutation. other rule modifications: Small probability of 2 cell reproduction- helps avoid static equilibrium to keep things interesting Small probability of cell 'dying' each cycle...

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