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Important SuRF has been migrated to github: About SuRF is a Python library for working with RDF data in an Object-Oriented way. In SuRF, RDF nodes (subjects and objects) are represented as Python objects and RDF arcs (predicates) as their attributes. SuRF...


TEXT2RDF Knowledge sharing and communication in a collaborative environment is complex and challenging, as enterprises often use domain specific keywords and phrases to describe their information resources. A specialized knowledge service, TEXT2RDF is developed that gleans information from the do...

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IMPORTANT This project has been moved to GitHub. Summary RDF Browser is a web application that takes distributed data in RDF as input and allows to display it on a bubble diagram. The goal of the application is to show capabilities of RDF as a mediation platform between independent systems an...

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This tool converts RDF/XML or N3 content into DataRSS feeds as accepted by Yahoo SearchMonkey. The tool can be used to feed GoodRelations-based e-commerce descriptions into the Yahoo family of technology. It is based on the Sesame 2.2.4 framework from You can see a working s...

RDF Viewer for Eclipse

Triplipse is a visualization tool for the Resource Description Framework (RDF) within Eclipse. It provides two views of the RDF Graph: one as a simple, sortable table of the Statements, and one as a tree instead of the typical bubble-graph. Triplipse accepts RDF+XML and Turtle formats, and is design...


RDFQuery is an easy-to-use Javascript library for RDF-related processing. You can use it to parse RDFa embedded within your page, query over the facts it contains, and reason to produce more facts. In concert with an server-side triplestore, RDFQuery can be used to create interfaces for editing the...


RDF On The Go is the project to build a persistent RDF store and query processor on Android phone. For storage of the data, RDF on The Go uses a lightweight version of the Berkeley DB that is suitable for mobile devices, which provides a B-Tree implementation for accessing the RDF graphs. For each...


MRG allows Java developers to easily load, view and construct RDF graphs. An API is provided that allows simple access to graph components, including RDF collections. If your configuration data is in RDF, then this API provides simpler and faster access than a full SPARQL query engine. It is light...


Overview CumulusRDF (see Wikipedia for details on "Cumulus") is an RDF store on a cloud-based architecture. CumulusRDF provides a REST-based API with CRUD operations to manage RDF data. The current version uses Apache Cassandra as storage backend. To use CumulusRDF for your project, see...

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