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Secure multi-threaded chat server and P2P File Transfer client.

The secure multi threaded chat server & P2P File Transfer client supports following feature set: -> Multi user Server -> Chat Client -> P2P File Transfer -> Secure Communication {Diffie Hellman / AES (Rinjdael)} -> Password based authentication -> Access DB for users -&g...

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Source code for Files related to autonomous weather balloon management

The Raccoon Project is a project to launch (and recover) a weather balloon into near-space carrying meteorological instruments as well as a GPS receiver and amateur radio, as well as cameras and other equipment....

GpProFile is a powerful Source code instrumenting proFiler for all versions of Delphi (including Delphi XE)

PROJECT MOVED TO GpProFile2011 GpProFile allows easily find bottlenecks and significantly improve perfomance of your Delphi applications. It is a must-have tool for any Delphi developer. Original copyright: Primoz Gabrijelcic ( Small changes to make it work with Delphi 2009, 2010,...

A SOCKS5 Bytestreams proxy for use in Jabber/XMPP File Transfer.

The proxy65 project is an external component (written on top of the Twisted Python library) that can be hooked up to existing Jabber/XMPP server to provide SOCKS5 Bytestreams functionality for File Transfer between Jabber users, as specified in XEP-0065:

PyQt4 based server-client (1-1) File Transfer app

Python + PyQt4 server-client (1 to 1) File Transfer application. It supports: * Multiple File Transfers at the same time * Pause and Resume (within the same session) * Image and Text Previews * Basic Chat Planned features: * Resume stopped Transfer from another session * MD5 File check on finished...

A Bluetooth File Transfer client for Java.

Modern day cell phones are capable multimedia platforms but lack a readily available, convenient, and low-cost method of acquiring personal media content. The BlueJoy project aims to resolve this problem by providing an open Source Java application that uses Bluetooth technology to Transfer Files b...

A remote control solution for Android platform, including handy File Transfer and notify-to-PC.

Remoteroid is a remote control solution for Android platform, including handy File Transfer and notify-to-PC. You can control your Phone on your PC without leaving your hands from keyboard and mouse. Remoteroid now supports Windows-based PC only. If you want to make Remoteroid works on other platf...

Simple socket File Transfer server and client, written in C#.

Simple Socket File Transfer, or SSFT for short, combines a multi-connection single File server and a client in a single simple .NET application, presented in an easy to use graphical user interface. The project is maintained by Olai Solheim....

JTurboFile is a File Transfer program to send Files between users

Description JTurboFile sits in your system tray, you can then use it to connect to other JTurboFile users and then just drag & drop Files onto the drop zone of that user, to send him Files to his download directory. Features File Transfer between 2 peers Selectable compression method (Non...

LanTran: A Full Featured File Transfer Tool For Local Area Networks

Introduction LanTran is a Full Featured File Transfer Tool For Local Area Networks(LAN). News 2008-12-05: Finished developing LanTran v0.5.0; 2010-08-25: Release LanTran v0.5.0 to Open Source; Features Especially concerning the security of communication when users Transfer their Files....

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