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image texture MRF Synthesis

资源描述本压缩包包含相应的代码和对应的论文,具体的信息请见包。Semi Causal Nonparametric Markov Random Field Texture Synthesis,Texture Synthesis via a noncausal nonparametric multiscale Markov random field,'' IEEE Transactions on Image Processing。...

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What is NSynthesis? In practical terms, NSynthesis monitors your unit tests as they run, capturing any calls you make to a mock object. For each call to a mock, NSynthesis demands that you have executed every possible concrete implementation during the same test run. NSynthesis uses PostSharp to...

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Dear Visitors, This is a simulation platform. We developed APIs and called them in c# (GPU should be available, and must in 64bits system). The platform can be used to Reconstruct Images from CT Scan. Feel free to contact me: Personal Website A list of my projects Date Title Description M...

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SMR is a library dedicated to the analysis and Synthesis of motion

SaMsaRa Animation and motion analysis library is a portable C++ library which has been designed to offer a consistent framework dedicated to the analysis and Synthesis of human motion. MR provides common methods for motion analysis ( PCA analysis, Time warping, Interpolation ) and straightforward d...

Small, fast waveform Synthesis and resampling library

Blip_buf is a small waveform Synthesis library meant for use in classic video game sound chip emulation. It greatly simplifies sound chip emulation code by handling all the details of resampling. The emulator merely sets the input clock rate and output sample rate, adds waveforms by specifying the c...

Stock Synthesis is a fisheries assessment developed by Richard Methot of National Marine Fisheries Service

Stock Synthesis Stock Synthesis (SS) provides a statistical framework for conducting assessments of exploited fish populations. Tens of fish stocks are assessed each year using this tool. SS is in the class of fish assessment models termed Integrated Analysis, aka Statistical-Catch-at-Age analys...

ASTRAN - Automatic Synthesis of Transistor Networks

ASTRAN is a free, open source, physical Synthesis framework for Mac and Linux . ASTRAN REPOSITORY HAS BEEN MOVED TO GITHUB: THIS SITE WILL BE REMOVED IN AUGUST 2015. It supports automatic layout generation of CMOS cells from a transistor level netlist des...

Project ParaSynthesis

# Overview # Project ParaSynthesis is more than a style of Discuz. Now it's included Nowhere、Geo System、User Home Page and a lot more functions that Project Babel also has. Live Demo NoName Magazine FFBBS.NET...

analysis and Synthesis of grammar toolkit

The purpose of this project is the Synthesis and analysis of grammar and syntax, especially for applications like automatic translation and text completion. The main languages of this project are ancient greek and modern polytonic greek. ἑγἐ - Ἑλληνικά Γλωσσικά Ἐργαλε...

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