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weblogic服务应用开发 数据库 web服务应用

weblogic服务应用开发 数据库 web服务应用-weblogic application development services database web services applications...

examples of web services

web 服务的例子-examples of web services...

webservice development experience in the development of web services using Delph...

webservice 开发经验总结 用delphi7开发web服务的几点经验-webservice development experience in the development of web services using Delphi7 Some Experiences...

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用delphi实现web services安全认证

用delphi实现web services安全认证-using web services to achieve security certification...

PHP Site Login Objects for amazon web services

SLO: Site Login Objects This is yet another site/session login system with a big difference - it works with amazon web services SimpleDB. (It uses the pawsSDB library to interface to SimpleDB.) While there are a several other login framework examples available, this one is object-oriented, and bas...

A Java client library for a variety of amazon web services

This is a simple API to access amazon's SQS, EC2, CloudWatch, AutoScaling, ELB, SimpleDB, SNS, FPS and DevPay LS web services. It uses the QUERY APIs. This code is thread-safe and works very reliably to the best of my knowledge. I've been using it on a system where sending messages in SQS is critica...


Tiny library to support offloading signature creation to be a remote or local process for amazon web services (Java). I've created patches both the to the Typica and Jets3t libraries to support this abstract signature creation. This is an ongoing process, and it's not clear how interested those pr...


Objectives Easy to install Foundation for more specific systems utilizing the AWS cloud Command line shell tools for working with services Milestones M1 Shared and multiple account information across service clients M2 Command tool(s) for working with cloud services using App::Cmd...

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