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Linux Shell program example: bash_Cookbook_examples_2009-05-23-A.tar-bash_Cookbook_examples_2009-05-23-A.tar...


xkcd is not owned, maintained, operated, etc. by myself or by any contributors to this project. xkcdbashdownloader is a bash script (for use in Linux and possibly other *nix systems) that can download the entire archive of xkcd comics from (or just a select range of comics) and rename th...


Learning Python For bash Scripters It turns out it is a huge secret that Python is easier to program in and more powerful than bash. These code examples are meant to help solve that problem. If you feel intimidated by Object Oriented programming, don't, it is optional in Python. You don't even n...


Parallel bash is a modified version of bash intended for text processing on computer clusters. It enables use of common UNIX text processing tools (e.g., awk, perl, grep) across multicore or distributed systems. It is particularly suited for scalable processing of large (multi-GB or larger) files....


| | bash-masters | |:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|:-----------------| Welcome to the Official Script Repository of the "bash Scripting Reference". The bash-masters are curre...


jbash Java parser for the Bourne Again Shell Jbash is a parser that accepts a syntax similar to bash. The main idea is to create a pseudo-shell that runs on any kind of device, from a smartphone to a normal pc. Jbash can execute built-in commands and external program, export variables,...


bashare (Basic Share) is a very simply and user-friendly file sharing tool over the Internet and private LAN too. Basically bashare is a http server with a graphical user interface (GUI). Select a file, give the link to your friends and they will be able to download the file from you speedily (or n...


Overview bash Plugin Architecture (BPA) is a plugin architecture for bash scripts that allows you to easily create a consistant way of using bash scripts by grouping code by function or application. It is entirely written in bash for maximum portability (and fun). Examples You create a script...

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