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应用背景如果开源库有更新的时候,还需要将工程中使用的开源库删除,重新执行前面的三个步骤,顿时头都大了。。。 自从有了cocoaPods以后,这些繁杂的工作就不再需要我们亲力 cocoaPods是iOS最常用的第三方类库管理工具,绝大部...


wxcocoaDialog is a multi-platform port of the cocoaDialog application for OS X, that allows the use of common GUI controls such as file selectors, text input, progress bars, yes/no confirmations and more with a command-line application. It is ideal for use in shell and Perl scripts (or Ruby, or Pyth...


Parses XML Schema files (XSD) and generates Objective-C classes with no dependencies apart from libxml2, which is part of iOS and Mac OS X. xsd2cocoa is a code generator which converts the XML type and element definitions in XML Schema files into Objective C code. It no only generates Objective C c...


This project is a trans-compiler from (a subset of) Apple's Objective-C (ObjC) into ECMAScript (JavaScript). It takes ObjC classes and trans-compiles them into ECMAScript code which can be executed in a web browser. Furthermore a basic library is provided that wraps a (very small) subset of the iOS'...


This is an open source project that show developers how to make their applications look like the Vista Aero look. The project is only a window that emulates Aero. You can find the source in the "Downloads" section. Requires Mac OS X 10.5...


cocoaCEDICT is an OS X application that provides access to the CEDICT Chinese (Mandarin) English dictionary. It supports looking up words by their English definition, Pinyin pronunciation, traditional Chinese text, or simplified Chinese text, and more....


The Remember the Milk (RTM) API provide a simple protocol for access user information form the Remember the Milk web application. This framework is an implementation of the Remember the Milk (RTM) API in Objective-C for Mac OS X. The framework is compatible with MacOS 10.5 and Up The framework i...

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cocoa Framework for Stomp protocol

Stomp is an wire protocol , used by ActiveMQ. Stomp Framework is an cocoa framework, written in Objective-C, which implements the wire protocol. Refer to HowToUse page for details on using this framework in your project....

cocoa port of media info

Introduction This project is simply a port to Objective C/cocoa of the WxWidgets MediaInfo application. MediaInfo is a meta data extracting tool for multimedia files. It can scan a wide variety of media files (audio, video or images) and extract useful information such as container, codec, bitrate...


这是一个coco2d的 一个 小样,没有多少的花哨,但是对基础的一个总计,希望能对需要的人有点帮助,...

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