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资源描述得到模块名称,toshba 电脑上,得到模块名称,toshba 电脑上,得到模块名称,toshba 电脑上,得到模块名称,toshba 电脑上,...


webnamed is a slave DNS server which resolves names by the resolver cgi over a http proxy. If the resolver fails to resolve a name, webnamed forward the query to the default DNS server. webnamed is implemented by Perl. See README for more details....

Rename a batch of files smartly. 批量修改文件名。

English (followed by Chinese description,后面有中文介绍): You may need to name a batch of files(e.g. songs in an album, or photos taken in a tour) in a same pattern, SmartRename is a powerful tool for this. And it's easy to use: Step 1. Import your files. Step 2. Edit a "File name Te...

Design and send e-mails with Smarty

SmartyMailer class Create beautiful mails using Smarty Design them with standard CSS stylesheets SmartyMailer will convert your CSS to inline styles for correct rendering into e-mail clients Example Usage : Displaying : $SmartyMailer = new SmartyMailer(); $SmartyMailer -> SetTemplateFile('MyTemp...

Rename Video Files

Rename video files and directories into something a little more manageable. Specifically meant for use with MakeMKV rips and torrents. Formats file for use in Plex Media Server...

WWP South Pokemon Razzmatazz subversion and design

For a project in school. This is not meant as a copyright infringement, but rather a tribute to the great pokemon games. We will in no way sell this to anybody, and if you find out someone has, notify somebody. Also, its worth like 50% of our fourth marking period grade, so if you want to send us a...

8天前 发布 Open Source Projects

![]( We have two WHMCS plugins available. 1. WHMCS Registrar Plugin (see below)If you want to register domain through for your customers WHMCS SSL ModuleIf you want to sell SSL certificates to your customers us...

Centeye 8-bit sensor, version 2, designed July 2010

This project contains source code that may be used to develop application firmwares for Centeye's 8-bit vision sensor, which is currently built around an Atmel ATmega644P processor and a Centeye Faraya or Firefly vision chip. This is Centeye's first open source project....

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