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dsp 28335 fpu


dsp f28335 DMA

2833 x 集成的外设 2823 x 设备是在下面的小节描述了: 三个 32 位 CPU Timers• 达六两种增强的降阶模块 (eQEP1,eQEP2) • 六增强的捕获模块 (eCAP1、 eCAP2、 eCAP3、 eCAP4、 eCAP5、 eCAP6) • 增强 PWM 模块 (ePWM1、 ePWM2、 ePWM3、 ePWM4、 ePW...

dsp(TMS320F28335) + FPGA(XC3S500E) 控制步进电机例程源代码、原理图

应用背景dsp(TMS320F28335) + FPGA(XC3S500E) 控制步进电机例程源代码、原理图关键技术本程序是在28335的基础上得到的一种控制步进电机的方法,经过本人调试能够得到较好的效果。...


应用背景 实现dsp与串口触摸屏的通信。由于路径的问题,下载的程序,可能需要自己重新添加include文件,我想这个大家都知道的。 关键技术实现F28335与串行接口的触摸屏进行SCI通信,将SCI端口配置为异步通信USART总线,实现...

10个月前 发布


SCI通讯调试可用于TI的F28335 28333_TMS320F28335_SCI串口发送接收_天文/地理_自然科学_专业资料。28333_TMS320F28335_SCI串口发送接收 /*** SCI 发送,接收初始化程序 ***......

An experimental approach to password mask hinting with One Way hash visualizations.

HashMask is an attempt to find a more secure middle ground between clear and masked passwords. It does this by visualizing a hashed representation of the password as a sparkline with color....

A version of SCITE Designed to aid in the creation of scripts for the IronAHK scripting language

This is a custom version of SCITE Designed to aid in the creation of scripts for the IronAHK scripting language. Although development on this project has currently been halted, it will continue eventually....

NiceJForms is a script that will replace the most commonly used form elements with custom Designed Ones.

Does exactly what is doing, the difference is that the script is currently written as a jQuery plugin. Versions for Prototype and MooTools will be also available in the future....

Extremely simple, python-based, One Way password encryption

I created this out of paranoia. Entering plain text passwords into websites can be hit or miss. If the site is compromised or the password is actually STORED in plain text then there's the potential for disaster. Using the passwordifier, a plain text password can be converted to a 40 character (o...

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