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Nav is a lightweight solution for emacs users who want something like TextMate's file browser, or the Eclipse project view. Unlike these two, Nav only shows the contents of a single directory at a time. Nav can be run painlessly in terminals, where Speedbar either fails on its attempt to make a new...


News [19-08-2007] v1.1.1 uploaded. Fixed a bug in unicad-sjis-sb-prober. What is Unicad? Unicad is short for Universal Charset Auto Detector. It is an emacs-Lisp port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector. What can Unicad do? Unicad helps emacs to guess the correct coding system when ope...

16天前 发布

emacs Lisp程序可以让你快速地预测短期理财

emacs-easy-budget emacs-easy-budget is: Not exactly Microsoft Money Free, like really Lightweight and simple, you can modify it if you know emacs-lisp really easily Quick to use. Generate a new budget from your bank statement in a couple of minutes By Justin Heyes-Jones http://www.heyes-jones....

emacs irsim网表的主要模式

IRSIM is a switch-level simulator for digital logic circuits. This is an emacs mode for editing IRSIM netlists. It provides syntax highlighting and an extremely pleasant method if indentation, as well as some minor polish that you should enjoy but not notice. To install, put irsim-mode.el somewhere...


Enables switching between application windows by a simple command line interface invoked by a keystroke. Uses an interface similar to ido (Interactively Do Things), an emacs package....


目前自用的emacs配置文件,只有几个常用的功能。 Linux和Windows下都可直接使用,将emacs目录拷贝到当前用户的根目录下(Windows拷贝到C:\下),将emacs里面的.emacs文件拷贝到当前用户的根目录下(Windows拷贝到C:\下)即可完成配置...


ERLWARE-MODE DEVELOPMENT HAS MOVED COMPLETLY TO github This was an emacs major mode for editing Erlang. It was based on the original erlang mode and has since been incorporated into the official distribution. The erlware-mode was an Erlware project. License Erlware-mode is licensed under the...

emacs elisp

Set Windows DDK build environment on emacs. Base on DDK6000. Change basedir to your DDK directory before use Add (require 'wwn) in your .emacs file. Use "M-x wwn-setenv" set the build environment, or just use "M-x ddk-mode" open ddk mode, and choose build environment on the menu...

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