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Turkish Deasciifier library for Java. (repo is moved to )

Moved to Moved to Moved to Moved to Moved to https:/...


个人博客 本项目已迁移至github,此地址停止维护,最新内容请访问:AndroidCommon@github,欢迎star或fork 总结的一些android公共库,包含缓存(图片缓存、预取缓存)、公共View(下拉及底部加载更多ListView、底部加载...

Cross-platform Foundation and AppKit frameworks, including Objective-C runtime. AppKit runs on Windows, Foundation on Windows, Linux and Solaris. THE COCOTRON HAS MOVED TO github THE COCOTRON HAS MOVED TO github THE COCOTRON HAS MOVED TO github THE COCOTRO...

把iPlayer Automator(**移动到github的**)

Note: This project has been moved to github. Primary site is at The goal of Get iPlayer Automator is to allow iTunes and your Mac to become the hub for your British Television experience regardless of where in the world you are. Currently, Get iPlayer Automator allow...

移动到github -索尼ericcon朗视协议和GUI的一个开放源代码的实现

MOVED TO github This project is no longer maintained by me (Renze). My second LiveView watch is broken and I am not using the software anymore. If you are looking for an open smartwatch you might want to take a look at the Sony Smartwatch 1. The Sony smart...


Moved to github! Note - ORMDroid has moved to github. Please find the source code, issue tracker and documentation at the new github project. This site remains for the purpose of legacy downloads. However, all new releases will be made as github Tags....


ATTENTION! Munki has moved to github! Munki's main code repository has moved here: MunkiWebAdmin's repo has moved here: createOSXinstallPkg's repo has moved here: Munki documentat...


6/feb/2014: I am gonna transfer the doc and source code to github: 7/feb/2014: Project has been moved to github: blog: abracos Leonardo Correa...

工作台[迁移到 ]

This project has been migrated to github at

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