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wiztools restclient intellij idea的插件的应用

This project converts the popular RESTClient application from WizTools into an intellij idea plugin that supports all of its features. These features include support for all HTTP methods, saving requests and responses, custom headers, basic and digest authentication, proxy servers, SSL, request/resp...

一个intellij idea Git插件

git-idea NOTE: git-idea has been shut down as idea now offers a superior git plugin git-idea is a plugin for intellij idea that provides integration with the git revision control system. git-idea provides only a subset of the functionality you'll need for working with git, but it handles most I...

对于个人的intellij idea插件

An intellij idea plugin for TopCoder Algorithm contests. The project moved to GitHub You can still find installation and usage info here, but for the latest version of the source code go to GitHub: Installation Automatically: just like any other Inte...

intellij idea插件烟花:有助于tdders运行JUnit测试。

Please visit [intellij Plugin Repository]( to download newest version We all know about the following steps : * Quickly add a test. * Run all tests and see the new one fail. * Make a little change. * Run all tests and see them all succeed. * Refactor to r...


Configure intellij idea modules and projects from ant. Create an ant target to generate idea configuration files. Release 1.1 generates java module and web module configuration files. It does not yet generate other module types, or project files. Support for other module types, and project files, w...

5个月前 发布

intellij idea插件解决依赖使用Apache的常春藤和增加他们在intellij

News ivyidea-1.0.10 released. This release fixes a compatibility problem with intellij idea 13.1. It can be installed through the plugin manager in intellij. ivyidea-1.0.9 released. This release contains Apache Ivy 2.4.0-RC1 and has improved source/javadoc handling. It can be installed through...

基于蚁群算法的构建系统,利用intellij idea项目结构

Overview ant-intellij-tasks is a self-contained build system for intellij idea projects based around Apache Ant. In essence, ant-intellij-tasks comprises three components: An Ant task library that can extract and resolve the intellij idea project and module files (.ipr and .iml respectively), an...

opeininidea打开的文件直接在intellij idea

OpenInidea is an intellij idea plugin which allows Java source files (and files of other types) to be opened directly in intellij idea either via a Windows context menu or by double click....

intellij idea插件,现场表演(背景)在开发Web内容文件包装。

Auto Package plugin performs live (background) packaging of web content files during development. It works for all web facets in a project. This plugin seems more functional then existing solution in idea. Latest version: 1.35 Plugin can be downloaded in a common way. Don't forget to check the Jod...

intellij idea插件检查未使用equals和hashCode的领域

intellij idea plugin to check fields not used in the equals() and hashCode() methods. Installation Instructions...

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