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A Java command-line parser inspired by Python's argparse and optparse packages, but implemented using Java annotations. Easy to use, highly customizable, and full-featured....


Under Design and Construction (current process is ScriptLanguage design) GitHub has become the new development home of jarvar and ScriptLanguage. Load up jar files and execute them on a very low security overhead platform. That is to say loose much of the overheads of a full Java install. The lim...


XSDGenerator Is a simpe GUI for the generation of jar libraries for xmlbeans binding mode. It generate the corresponding jar file for the given XML Schema using the scomp command provided by XMLBeans, a jar binding by Schema XMLBeans is a technology for accessing XML by binding it to Java types. X...


A utility to strip unused classes out of a jar file. See the downloads page for the latest version. From the help output: ``` stripjar version 0.9.3 Usage: stripjar [options] Options: --help : prints this help message --nostrip VAL : a regular expression to match classes not to st...


AjarDSP AjarDSP (ajar as in slightly open) is an open source implementation of a synthesizable 16-bit dual-mac VLIW DSP with accompanying tools. Background The goal of the the AjarDSP project is to create a free open source digital signal processor accompanied with a open source tool chain. Th...


This is Java-based project to create very basic realtimestrategy game of Finnish rangers against Soviet partisans in forests of Karelia in spirit of Reino Lehväslaiho warbooks....

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