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cmd测试-TCP IP

1.序列COM通讯的源代码。2.TCP/ IP通信的源代码。通过实施VC6.0...






What is RFXcmd Command line utility written in Python to receive/send data from RFX devices. More information about RFX devices can be found at NOTE 3-May-2015 I am transferring all wiki, downloads and information to, the source code and issue tracking will be...


Themes and addons for iCMS and various other CMS projects. This SVN is maintained to keep a clean, up-to-date Version of code & themes available at all times in order to streamline releases & fixes. Note, at the present time, we have chosen to release general theme code under the GPL v2.0 li...


VOICecmd is a utility that allows remote control of the vOICe from the commandline. The vOICe uses windows messages as a remote control mechanism. This approach though easy-to-use cannot be used by the average user primarily because it involves a lot of programming. This utility is a wrapper around...

Version actual: 0.05

Remake de la Version de Amstrad de Donkey Kong Versiones completadas: 0.01 -> Esqueleto básico del juego 0.02 -> Mapa casi terminado y comienzo del interfaz 0.03 -> Completar mapa básico y interfaz 0.04 -> Programar decremento del bonus, colisión con enemigo, decremento de vidas,...

A Version of SciTE designed to aid in the creation of scripts for the IronAHK scripting language

This is a custom Version of SciTE designed to aid in the creation of scripts for the IronAHK scripting language. Although development on this project has currently been halted, it will continue eventually....

Designager enables designers to connect with their clients by allowing designers to upload their design Versions, communicate with clients, and share files.

What Is Designager? Designager is a unique application: it is a project management suite, with an emphasis on design projects. Designager has to-dos, discussions, file sharing, and design sharing. Design sharing is a sort of "Version control" for designs. By allowing you to see all diff...

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