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objective function for the solution of optimization problem, the objective funct...

用于解决目标函数的最优化问题,目标函数自编,在vc++6.0中运行通过-objective function for the solution of optimization problem, the objective function writing, the vc++6.0 running through...

multobjective 函数

这是一个程序到您使用达到目标、 目标规划、 加权总和和 ε 约束多目标问题 zdt 和 dtlz。...

objective-C 宏定义可重复使用应对大量动画

objective-C 宏定义可重复使用应对大量动画...


objectiveFlickr is an objective-C framework that makes it easy for a Cocoa application to work with the Flickr API. Provided with the latest build package is the framework itself, the documentation, and a number of example applications. The library is also available in Ruby. The Ruby version is hos...


JavaScript is a language that allows some sorts of inheritance between objects. But the code that is necessary to make it possile is not maintainable. objective JavaScript (Ojs) is a language that mixes OOP languages such as Java or C# with pure JavaScript. The inheritance is easy-to-write and easy...

objective-C reproducible instrumentation library, modeled on xUnit.

PLInstrument provides a reproducible instrumentation library, modeled on xUnit. The library is intended to facilitate the instrumentation of performance critical code, and provide comparable results over the lifetime of the code base. The library was developed primarily for the purpose of measuring...

12天前 发布


A Cocoa framework for working with XML-data. Like JDOM or XOM, but in objective-C. What is DOM? DOM stands for Document Object Model and can be thought as a way of describing an XML-document in terms of a tree of objects. A document has nodes, which in turn contains other nodes, all represented...

1个月前 发布


A native objective-C framework for accessing the RESTful APIs at Similar in nature and API to freebase-python, except everything is asynchronous. Should run on both OS X and the iPhone To get started see the Introduction and Introductory Slides. Full source for the up-and-coming Pho...

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