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LO Victor E. Bazterra Departament of Physics University of Illinois at Chicago (2007) Description This project is a small C++ library for local optimization. It is a general interface that implements local optimization of functions. It implements linear search algorithm with or without deriv...

15天前 发布

Lightweight Python library for distributed computing and optimization

Welcome to Playdoh ! [The code is now stored on GitHub]( Playdoh is a pure Python library for distributing computations across the free computing units (CPUs and GPUs) available in a small network of multicore computers. Playdoh supports independent (embarassing...

14天前 发布

optimization methods for 2-variables functions

Implementation of 2 optimization methods in Java. Program gives also a oportunity to draw a 3D plots for 2-variables functions, count a symbolic derivatives and there is a mathematic equations parser included to define your own functions....

optimization Solver for Calc

Linear and non-linear optimization solvers designed for Calc. Introduction The goal of this project is to develop a Calc add-on component that solves a constrained linear or non-linear programming model for an optimum solution. An optimum solution in this case is defined as a feas...

optimization Project (multithreading) : Crypto++

An optimization project for the university. Project book, modified source code, original source code and a link to the official crypto++ site are available. Source Code license : see License.txt...

A C++ library for the Ant Colony optimization Metaheuristic

Introduction libaco is a library which can be used for solving combinatorial optimization problems using the Ant Colony optimization (ACO) meta-heuristic. The library implements the following variants of ACO algorithms: Simple Ant System Elitist Ant System Rank-Based Ant System Max-Min Ant Syste...

optimization for include css and javascript files into websites

This project is a library that is responsible to provide the maximum efficience to include CSS and JAVASCRIPT files into websites. Imagine a project that you manage themes, skins, devices, and page sections for CSS and JS files... And now, imagine a library that can handle all these script files mi...

Advanced power pacing optimization for cyclists, coaches, and researchers

The Optimal Cycling Project is a new & open source software program that provides the most sophisticated power pacing optimization for cyclists in time trial type races. It takes in the course profile of a race, the critical power curve of the cyclist, along with many other environment condition...

a library of parallel metaheuristic algorithms for hard optimization problems

Project Description <B> HeO </B> ( <B> He </B> uristic <B> O </B> ptimization) is a cross-platform library that provides various parallel metaheuristic algorithms for hard optimization problems. The library is written in C++ using modern programming,...

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