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flex OLAp编程实例

For Demo: 直接运行\OLApAppInflex\bin-debug\OLApAppInflex.swf(OLApAppInflex.html). For run/modify the code: 1. 使用flex Builder导入 2. Run OLApAppInflex....



Object pascal compiler for LLVM

this is a graduation project to IESB, which is scheduled for delivery in July 2012. The supervisor of this project is professor Joel Guilherme da Silva Filho. One of the authors of this project also created Extpascal, which allows the development of Web 2.0 applications with Object pascal. Objecti...

Cp pascal compiler

What is Cp pascal compiler ? Cp pascal compiler is a branch of Free pascal, which is used in Cp pascal Editor. How can I get it? You can get a local copy of the cpcompiler repository from GitHub using the following command. git clone git:// What has hap...

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Micro pascal compiler

Source code for the project for CSCI-468: compilers at Montana State University, Spring 2013. The project is to write the front end of a compiler that will translate Micro pascal to Intermediate Representation...

A basic pascal compiler written using lex and yacc

It is a pascal compiler It takes input a pascal code and gives output a assembly code. The assembly code after compilation and run gives the output of our initial pascal code....

air flex integRated logging to the files

Why ? Cause I couldn't find something that will log all my messages from air application to one directory. Cause you can log user activities and add feedback button in the application which will send the logs not the simple my problem is :) 1 + 2 gives 3 so I had three reasons to do it. There are...

bison/flex based Asembler for 0x10c CpU Old Specs: New Specs: this is my assembler. I noticed allot of people building some fairly basic assemblers with no expression parsing or even macros so this is mine that includes that. Right now I support .BYTE/...

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this project Currently has a main purpose to opeRate an electronic learning process

Overview of E-School this project is still in development process.  It is coded with pHp which is a web based system.  E-School is my Final Year project in order to pursue my Diploma. this project has goals: Reduce used of papers in school to cut the cost of learning process Ease the...

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