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openFrameworks Addon that implements Subtitles for Movies (.srt files )

This ispart of a movie project I´m collaborating with.In it we have to deal with multiple subtitles. It was necessary to open the subtitles files, edit them and save them in the fly. Maybe it´s useful for some body else to....

11天前 发布

The library for generating Your DAO classes at runtime

TUTORIAL Description Runtimedao or runtime DAO is a library for generating Your DAO classes at runtime. It has already have Log4j, Hibernate, JpA, postgreSQL, MySQL and other dependencies included. For example, let TestVO be a VO basic entity class and TestDAO a DAO interface related to TestVO...

11天前 发布

OppoSite Lock - a J2me racing game with 8-way Bluetooth multiplayer support

OppoSite Lock A highly regarded commercial J2me title now released as open source. Take Your pick from 10 maxed-out street legal racers and prove Your mettle on 10 international tracks. The game has three modes of play, practice, tournament or time trial, with up to 8-way multiplayer on supporting...

software for converting public transit schedule data into timetable in various output formats.

Many public transit organizations/agencies use non-standard methods and data formats to store and manage its schedule data. With non-standard schedule data, it is very difficult to regularly publish accurate and up-to-date timetable. Therefore, agencies do not bother publishing the timetable. This i...

10天前 发布

Have you ever needed to show the location weather on Your Site, just with some clicks, if yes then this is for you.

Sharepoint Weather Web-part This web-part will let you know the weather condition of any region using the yahoo api. This web-part is very easy to deploy and use. It is also fully configurable and let you choose what all weather information you want to Add to the web-part. Features With optio...

software to visualize and align data produced by time-of-flight (TOF) cameras

This repository has been migrated to github: Old contents Repository for the wxSRparlab developped at pARLAB (EpFL /IMT). This software allows to visualize, average, segment and compensate scattering for data acquired with Swissranger(tm) time-of-fligh...

software for inferring gene regulatory network in Microarray experiments

Network inference 1.0 is a program implementing the method matrix of thresholding partial correlation coefficients (MTpCC) for inferring the network from expression profiles....

Add decent pNG support to IE5.5+ on Windows with no changes to Your webSite HTML source code

IE5.5+ pNG Alpha Fix v1.0RC4 (c) 2004-2005 Angus Turnbull This is licensed under the CC-GNU LGpL, version 2.1 or later. For details, see: You know that one browser that has only a vague association with modern web standards? Ye...

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