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以下是CodeForge为您搜索sphinx的相关源码 VC++ 基于Lucene扩展的支持中文分词的开源搜索引擎 中文用户... VC++ 基于Lucene扩展的支持中文分词的开源搜索引擎 中文用户-sphinx V0.9.8.1 VC++ extensions to support Lucene-based Chinese word segmentation in Chinese open source search engine users...

sphinx connect

unit Searchsphinx; interface uses  Windows, SysUtils, SysServ, SysIntf, SysClasses, DBIntf, DBClasses; const   SPH_TRUE  = 1;   SPH_FALSE = 0;   SEARCHD_OK              = 0;   SEARCHD_ERROR       &...


这是狮身人面像语音识别样本你好世界代码。 / ** 版权所有 1999年-2004年卡内基 · 梅隆大学。* 部分版权所有 2004 Sun Microsystems Inc.* 部分版权所有 2004年三菱电机研究实验室。* 所有版权。使用是根据许可条款。** 在用法上看到"...


Open source .NET library which provides advanced client API to use sphinx search server services, using sphinx native binary protocol. It can be used from C#, VB.Net etc. Note: if you want use sphinxQL, you should look at More information about sphinx s...


Are you searching for Pure CLR implementation of pocketsphinx? Here it is! No msvcrt.dll dependency, just clr assembly, and therefore compatible with Mono. Much to say, however, pls check code if this is what you want. Project is in format of VisualStudio 2012....

Real time live updates for sphinx search engine

What is sphinx Update? sphinx-update is a daemon that will allow you Real Time sphinx updates without using crontab. sphinx is a powerful search engine that you can custom for your projects. The problem is when you are updating the data, the solution that provides is based on a crontab file. sphi...

A report generator written in python using sphinx and matplotlib

sphinxReport sphinxReport is a report generator that is implemented as an extension to sphinx. Its purpose is to facilitate writing scientific reports interpreting large and changing datasets. It is designed to assist the iterative analysis during the development of a computational scientific pip...

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sphinx 搜索日志分析工具

sphinx 搜索日志分析工具 我的博客 使用PYTHON写出来的分析sphinx下query.log记录的日志分析工具,按搜索次数进行排名的工具。windows 测试通过。linux 下还没有测试,使用中有问题的可以留言。 python+sqlite 来做的,有些不足的地方。...


主要优点: 1. 本程序主要目的是为了方便查询和调试:拼字符串比调用API容易点,不受语言限制,更方便使用,你可以从浏览器中直接查看搜索结果。 1. 不用太担心性能,这个程序只是做一些API翻译工作,比较轻松的达到并发1...

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