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谷歌已经使用Deep Learning技术开发了许多新方法来解析语言,目前,谷歌开源了一款基于Deep Learning的学习工具——word2vec,这是首款面向大众的Deep Learning学习工具。...


Hide My WP是一款wordpress插件,使用这个插件,你可以隐藏你的wordpress信息,包括源代码、登陆页面、后台管理页面等,都不会显示wordpress特有的信息,例如主题静态文件链接里面的wp-content,可以很好的增强网站安全性。...


WP-Advanced-Trac. Advanced version of the Wp-trac plugin with some new features, code fixes. First of all, it was developed to show roadmaps of your projects to other users. Main changes between original version: * Project end date is not required; * Use in [wptra...

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Handling noisy text is One of the biggest problem facing social media analytics. for example: "too" can be "tooooo" or "tooooooo". Here we are introducing a light weight method to solve this problem using Regular expressions.It helps to Identify misspelled words and PO...

password protect folders on mac

MacFort is the simplest and safest Way to password protect folders and files on mac.Just two clicks,you can password protect your iPhoto album,password protect Mac Mail,Photo Booth Library,Safari or Firefox browsing history,documents,or any files need to be protected from prying eyes....

CompOnent based filter API for bean collections and ORM

LAST MINUTE INFO Release 1.6.0 available ! Motivation CompOnent based and thus extensible framework for filtering. Delivers a common API for filtering on: JVM side : We call it Bean filtering Database Browser : Filter objects are translated to Java Script for Browser execution (upcoming)...

Convert images to password protected executable with embedded viewer

With LockImage you protect an image by converting it into a password protected executable with an embedded viewer. It consists of exactly One file and does not need any installation. This software tries to the implement the concept of Steganos LockNote for images. ## News ## * 2008.01.25 LockImage m...

iPhOne/iTouch Geography Quiz (SFU CMPT275 Project)

Team iGeo iGeo is an iPhOne/iPod touch application aimed at kids ages 6 to 12. It will allow users to quickly assemble a knowledge of the world's geography in a fun and interactive environment. |Team Biography|Assignment 1|Assignment 2a|Assignment 2b|Assignment 3| Assignment 4|Assignment 5|Minute...

Patch of Canada Payment GateWay BeanStream for Rails Plugin ActiveMerchant

Patch Installation If you can not svn update from Active Merchant. Download the ruby files from the download tab and install them into your application's active merchant plugin directory: active\_merchant/lib/active\_merchant/billing/gateWays/bean\_stream.rb active\_merchant/test/unit/gateWays/b...

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