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svn服务器经常被上传一些无用的工程垃圾文件,但是svn不允许彻底删除提交过的文件。 这个程序可以整理将svn仓库导出的dmp文件 按照文件大小,或名称进行检索,然后添加到过滤列表,并重新生成仓库dmp。 使用svn...


Written in Python, is a tool to replicate the Subversion (svn) repositories. ``` Replicate changesets from one svn repository to another, includes diffs, comments, and Dates of each revision. It is also possible to retain the Author info if the Target svn URL is in a local...


Subversion repository changes notifier desktop application for Windows family platforms. Written completely in .NET 4.0 and WPF. Visit my blog for more information: The latest version available is Requiremen...


svn Services provides ReSTful Web Services to interact with Subversion Repositories. It also provides services to interact with Apache HTTP Server files for passwords and Subversion permission files. svn Services leverages svnKit, and Hannibal. It is also a great example that demonstrates how easy...


What A little GUI utility to create and manage a new svn branch that gets updated easily by having the working copy simultaneously being tagged with the metadata for two branches in the same svn tree. This was born out of frustration with the sluggishness and largely unnecessary fuss associated w...


This small utility applet is written in C++ to keep the interface layering to a minimum when integrating your own diff3 program (such as Kdiff3) into Subversion or Tortoisesvn. Subversion allows you to configure it to plug in a different diff3 program. Most people will use a script file, but when...


This page no longer maintained. For viewing last changes please visit svn Notifier is a simple and useful tool to monitor your Subversion project repository for changes. svn Notifier notifies you about recent commits and helps you keep your local copy up to date. Y...


svnCommitToFTP (SC2FTP) is a program written in C# on the .NET Platform to upload files committed to a subversion repository to a specified FTP site. SC2FTP supports the following subversion commands: Upload new file. Upload changes to a file. Delete file. Rename file (since it's technically coun...


目前实现: * 实现用户在线修改svn密码 * 实现用户在线创建新帐号 * 支持Apache自身的Basic文件方式认证和基于windows帐户信息的认证修改。 需求平台软件: * Windows OS * Apache版本 2.2.9 * Net Framework 2.0 技术应用: * NTLM,LADP * WebClient wit...

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