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YODA-1.3.1 This program analyzes growth curves, computing doubling times and relative survivals on a sequence of outgrowth curves. The data is exported in a format for easy plotting in Excel (or other spreadsheet programs). The program can also output average values and standard deviations for a g...

symfony CLI for "hosting no shell users"

Simple script that runs symfony commands. Just put it into your web directory, config path to symfony sfCoreAutoload.class.php and that's it. I assume that you have added a PATH to php. Remember to secure this file in your own way. If you put it in a subdirectory of a web, remember to change dire...

An IRB-like shell for symfony

An IRB-like interactive shell for symfony. What's new: 28/07/2008 removed dependency for PEAR. symfony-interactive-standalone.php Usage: install PHP_Shell from PEAR: pear install channel:// download symfony-interactive.php and place it in your symfony project...

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The project consists on a website created for faculty professor where they can create courses, post in personal blogs or in course's blogs, communicate better with students and show online the result of the exam. The project was created with symfony framework. To install you need apache, mysql, php...


sfIocPlugin - IoC container for symfony framework Description sfIocPlugin implements IoC container in PHP and provide easy integration with symfony Framework. Plugin is inspired by Spring framework IoC container (, but IS NOT AN ONE-TO-ONE COPY. IoC container i...

LOGICIEL immobilier /房地产软件

Logiciel immobilier / Real estate software New website Français : Apimo est une solution pour agence immobilière indépendante ou pour les réseaux immobiliers. Le logiciel immobilier Apimo est un outil 100% Web, développé en Php et MySql, avec le framework symfony It...

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Willkommen bei Dijual, dem freien Kassensystem Was ist Dijual? Dijual ist ein freies Kassensystem. Es eignet sich vor allem für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen, die mehrere Filialen ihres Unternehmens vernetzen und auf eine gemeinsame Artikeldatenbank zugreifen möchten. Während Ihr...

基于symfony 1.4汽车经销商在线汽车展厅

- the vehicle filtering and search system available- photograph lightbox effect- easy stock control management forms with photograph uploading, automatic resizing and thumbnail creationadd links, images and formatting to car descriptions- user account manager- multiple account types- online enquiry...

Sistema de Ayudantías

Sistema de Ayudantías para la Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana Para ver el sistema en su plenitud debe tener instalado PHP 5, symfony 1.4 y Apache HTTP Server 2.X...


Risecms is a simple cms based on symfony framework prepared for webdevelopers. If you want to use it, you should get to know what symfony framework is. For more information visit

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