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symfony CLI for "hosting no shell users"

Simple script that runs symfony commands. Just put it into your web directory, config path to symfony sfCoreAutoload.class.php and that's it. I assume that you have added a PATH to php. Remember to secure this file in your own way. If you put it in a subdirectory of a web, remember to change dire...

An IRB-like shell for symfony

An IRB-like interactive shell for symfony. What's new: 28/07/2008 removed dependency for PEAR. symfony-interactive-standalone.php Usage: install PHP_Shell from PEAR: pear install channel:// download symfony-interactive.php and place it in your symfony project...

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Project to get Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology at Fontys University of Applied Sciences....


sfIocPlugin - IoC container for symfony framework Description sfIocPlugin implements IoC container in PHP and provide easy integration with symfony Framework. Plugin is inspired by Spring framework IoC container (, but IS NOT AN ONE-TO-ONE COPY. IoC container i...


MY_PROFILER Put the file MY_Profiler.php in your applitaion/libraries directory, and check your config.php, at subclass_prefix, must to match MY...


/ * dosymfony 2.0.0 Ready Edition * Base Software : symfony 2.0.0 Standard Edition * Editor : Phicheth Kijtaow * Company Name : doHew Media * Editor Website : * Editor Email : / Welcome to dosymfony 2.0.0 - come with fully function of symfony2 standard editi...

基于symfony 1.4汽车经销商在线汽车展厅

- the vehicle filtering and search system available- photograph lightbox effect- easy stock control management forms with photograph uploading, automatic resizing and thumbnail creationadd links, images and formatting to car descriptions- user account manager- multiple account types- online enquiry...

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A set of commands for Komodo to use symfony tasks. You can use one of three flavours (or all, of course): a toolbox folder (in the rightside toolbox pane), a menu item (in the upper main menu), a toolbar buttons group (in the toolbars) Installation: download selected file, right-click an existent...

Proyecto dedicado a realizar un plugin para symfony que permita la gestión de archivos y carpetas de un usuario en una base de datos.

La necesidad de que las personas coloquen su información en contenedores de información (repositorios) es de gran importancia y es a este problema que este proyecto se avoca, es así que tambien permitirá que los usuarios de esta herramienta puedan buscar más facilmente sus archivos y compartirl...

用树枝和symfony 2简单的图像管理

Allow the image management in template. Manage thumbnails / greyscale or rotated image creation with cache management. More informations at

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