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F # textmate捆绑

textmate bundle for Microsofts F#-language with grammar for syntax highlighting and bindings to F#-interactive (fsi) running under Mono through iTerm or iTerm2 scripting. Please register any issues/bugs that you find. Latest news 20120705: Version 0.5 (Added filetype ".fsx") 2011...

cscope textmate捆绑

A textmate bundle (extension) for cscope integration. Known issues (that I do not plan on fixing): * Only support kernel mode * Does not support filen or path names with whitespace, due to limitations in cscope itself. (I know that the man page says that names enclosed in double quotes should be ok...

WebKit的CSS3 textmate捆绑

A bundle of advanced CSS3 features supported by Apple's open source Webkit and Safari browsers. These features are primarily limited to those prefixed with -webkit. Recent updates include adding new -webkit-transform and -webkit-marquee properties along with a self-contained update from Subversion...

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This is a textmate bundle for editing Oracle PL/SQL files, though it may be useful elsewhere, too. It is based on the bundle created by Jesper Hvirring Henriksen. This bundle does not rely on the standard textmate "SQL" bundle and includes: A reasonable syntax (which is designed to mak...


Screenwriting with textmate This bundle lets you use textmate as a Screenwriting application. Import & Export to Final Draft, HTML, and PDF. To export to PDF you need to download PrineXML (see sidebar). You should also note that Revision Marks, A&B Pages, and Mores and Continueds are not...

在Emacs textmate的行为

textmate has some very nice to use bindings on quotes, brackets, parentheses etc, which Emacs lacks out of the box. You can use skeleton-pairs to insert pairs, but what about deleting them? What if you (or a colleague) press the closing bracket key accidentally (muscle memory and all)? textmate-mo...

crbasic textmate捆绑

Overview Provides basic syntax highlighting for CRBasic programs using textmate. It currently has support for a limited set of datalogger instructions, but there is support for control syntax, sub routine and variable declarations, and other basic syntax. Currently Campbell Scientific's CRBasic E...


textmate Style Autocompletion for Gedit A simple Gedit plugin that provides textmate style autocompletion. The plugin indexes the words in the current document and autocompletes the current word when the Escape key is pressed. Tapping Escape cycles through available completions. Autocompletion ca...

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