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twitterN is a yet another c# version of the twitter api. It uses json, wcf datacontracts, generics, and c# 3.0 to create a cleaner code base. 07/27/08: The second initial release is out, includes changes to the api * calling everything a client instead of a service cause it is a client. * wrap...


twittereeze is a SIMBL (Smart InputManager Bundle Loader) extension for twitterrific (freeware), a Mac OS X client for the twitter service. twittereeze aims to improve twitterrific's user experience in small ways. While twitterrific itself is a nice little app to send and receive 'tweets', i.e. cha...


Call twitter web service using NSURL and NSXMLParser, in this example I'll show you: * How to use Matt Gemmell's MGtwitterEngine * Build a multilanguage iPhone application * Combine UITabBarController and UINavigationController * Learn how to setting for Application Preferences * Use NSMutableURLReq...


SMS is the data protocol that connects most people in our world. Cheaper in many cases than voice, more reliable when there is iffy reception, accessible from the cheapest devices, they have proven to be a reliable resource from in places as disparate as Katrina and Laos. However many obstacles get...


twitter.Net is an implementation of a twitter client in .Net using WPF More information in my blog: Programando na Madrugada...


Introduction twitterslurp is a php/javascript tool for displaying a constantly-updating stream of twitter searches on a website. twitterslurp also provides graphs and analytics derived from the tweets twitterslurp has been used: * as a tracking tool used to give rewards to members of a political...


围着脖子推是一款使用java语言开发的,部署在GAE上,可同时更新twitter、新浪微博、人人网、嘀咕、做啥的状态的小工具。 V1.0详情及源代码下载可以参考: V2.0 Beta1 的改进有...


This is a very simple webservice that interacts with twitter. twittervice implements the REST api that twitter provides. The following operations are currently supported: * getPublicTimeLine() - returns list of twitterStatus objects representing the public timeline * getFriendsTimeLine() - returns...


Visit to use and install twitterBEIS. twitterBEIS is to bring twitter to your desktop and permit you to use twitter offline. We achieve the goals through new features introduced in Silverlight 3, such as Out of Browser, Isolated Storage etc. Silverlight is cross-bro...

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This project has moved to GitHub - What is twitterPHP? twitterPHP is a complete and very easy to use Object-Oriented PHP library for the twitter API. This is opensource software under the Gnu GPL v3 license. So feel free to share it, improve it and dist...

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