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资源描述在这个项目中,你会得到一些校长对于vhdl逻辑信息添加三位。 ;你知道当我们添加三位输入,我们将给予两位的输出。一、乙和丙是输入和D、c_out输出。有关全加器的更多信息,您可以读取数字逻辑与计算机设计莫...


资源描述在这个项目中你将驱动7段LED得到vhdl逻辑的一些信息。 ;你知道当我们激发一些引脚7段输入它的一些LED转向等展示一些东西比如 ;。关于7段和驱动器的更多信息,你可以读取数字逻辑与计算机设计莫里斯马诺。...

source code indexing/search tool

NDexer NDexer is a source code indexing and search tool built on SQLite, written in C#. Features Updates your index automatically when source files change. Stores a full-text index for your source code to enable high-speed searches for arbitrary text, with full support for regular expressions...

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source code for EJB 3 in Action book.

EJB 3 in Action source code 2nd Edition Instructions for building code samples FAQ The EJB 3 framework was a major advancement for Java EE developers, providing a consistent, easy to use model to create and extend applications. EJB 3 incorporates a POJO programming model and Java 5 annotations,...

source code and documentation for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks applications

Introduction Welcome to our source code and documentation repository on Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks! In the Automatic Control Lab in the Electrical Engineering Department at KTH Royal Institute of Technology we have been performing extensive research in Networked Control Systems, Embedd...

source code repository for various kind of example projects.

This project houses the source code for various kind of example projects I created. At the moment the following code samples can be found: ga-moving-example. Consider a moving company which is specialized in moving boxes (with things in it) from one place to another. These boxes have varying volum...

source code for accv 2007 paper

Videos Two useful videos can be found at: ACCV2007 Slides Voting Process About This Project This project is targeting for the source code for the ACCV 2007 paper "Object Detection Combining Recognition and Segmentation". You can get the source code using a subversion client or...

source code for the textbook "Introduction to CUDA"

Project này chứa mã nguồn cho các ví dụ trong sách "Nhập môn CUDA: Lập trình song song trên GPU". Bạn có thể xem mã nguồn bằng svn hoặc tải toàn bộ mã nguồn từ trang download. source code for the textbook "Introduction to CUDA". The tex...

source code used in Android in Action

This project contains source code used for the book, Android in Action, which is the second edition of Unlocking Android, both published by Manning Publications. Many of the samples were slightly-to-significantly modified from the prior edition of the book. Chapters 14-19 are new to this edition....

source code and projects written by Brendan "HollyKing" Leber.

Introduction This repository contains source code and projects that I have written. Enjoy! Projects The projects that are available so far are: * CSharpToys - Small graphic toys written in C# * KioskCrash - A project used in a series of articles on diagnosing kiosk application crashes. Poste...

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