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Phyutility (fyoo-til-i-te) is a command line program that performs simple analyses or modifications on both trees and data matrices. Makes use of JADE (PEBLS) and JEBL libraries. Please see the NEWS page for info concerning updates, etc. See NEWS and download the new release for amino acid acceptan...


utility for windows, based on wxWidgets: * MTU Value Setting for each interfaces * EnablePMTUBHDetect * EnablePMTUDiscovery * (Coming soon...)...

utility to convert tab separated text data into sql statements.

|Current Status | Beta| |:--------------|:----| |Build |1.0.3710.27340| |Updated | 27/02/2010| This is a Winforms utility for converting text data, separated by tabs, into sql statements. It acts primarily as a quick way of importing small simple datatables into SQL Server withou...

utility for monitoring and testing Java Servlet HTTP sessions

What is SessionMon? SessionMon is a utility that lets you analyze, test and monitor Servlet sessions at any point in your application's workflow. With this tool, fixing your HTTP session related bugs, performance lag, memory over usage, and replication issue are much less painful. Using SessionMo...

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utility program for generating distributables for games created with LÖVE

lovemachine Lovemachine is a utility application for creating distributables for games created with LÖVE, a lua-based development framework. Given the source folder containing your main.lua file, lovemachine can generate a standalone .exe for windows, .app for Mac OSX, and a general .love archive...

utility to simply create an integration test

Introduction This utility enables you to easily create an integration test with as less configuration possible. It even provides you with a default test that can be used out of the box: 1. AbstractDefaultDeploymentTest 1. AbstractDefaultHibernateDeploymentTest 1. AbstractDefaultNoDbDeployment Con...

utility for Android for automatic authentification in Wi-Fi network via Cisco Net Access

utility for Android for automatic authentification in Wi-Fi network via Cisco Net Access. Written as internal utility for EPAM's offices. Version 1.1: Load EPAM logo when program starts Cisco NetAccess host now could be selected from list by office name; If user connected to Wi-Fi network with...

utility libraries to ease the development of .NET software applications

Base and utility classes to assist the development of .NET software using Domain Driven Design and Unit Testing patterns. <wiki:gadget url="" height="70" border="0" />...

utility for creating and verifying file hierarchies

MOVED TO GITHUB - CLICK HERE This project is a port of the very useful mtree utility, originally only available in BSD distributions, to Linux and other operating systems. The mtree utility compares the file hierarchy rooted in the current directory against a specification read from the standard...

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