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Nunit Test Generator Visual Studio Add-in (NunitGenAddIn)

In an ideal world, you start out with tests to code. In a real world, developers write codes in whatever way they are comfortable with. Furthermore, there are already whole stack of legacy codes that you do not want to touch anymore, not alone writing tests for them. However, developers should know...

A Python script that posts Your LaTeX-written Article to Your blog with MetaWeblog API

NOTE: moved to permanently pyposter is a python blog poster, it: - takes in a LaTeX source file and compiles it into HTML with TtH; - starts a simple HTTP server for preview; - post it to Your blog using MetaWeblog xml-rpc API...

Patch to pdfcrop (by Heiko Oberdiek) Adding some functionalities

This patch is intend to Add following features: Main features units support for margin dimensions (pt, mm, in, cm, pica, know any other DTP units? :-) ) Crop all pages to the same size, minimum which allows all content to fit in. This size is determined automatically from max bbox (auto mode)....

ClientPHP is a Javascript/jQuery plug-in which simplifies Your work and allow you to execute PHP commands right in Your .html page.

What is clientPHP ClientPHP is a Javascript/jQuery plug-in which simplifies Your work and allow you to do PHP job right in Your .html page. Because clientPHP using Ajax, Your command will be executed immediately without reloading current page or navigating to other .php page. Why clientPHP, what...

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Chat with Your webSite visitors

Chat with Your webSite customers! Messup chat client has moved to [sourceforge]( Somehow it was not possible to upload installation files here... This tiny software is useful to implement a small sales or support chat on Your webSite. https:/...

Display and choose files from Your webSite

Display and choose files from Your webSite. This software was developed with jQuery library, and write by php. Features Auto-Complete the filename File/Folder information, also you can preview image files Support unicode character, file(s)/folder(s) named in unicode character will be displayed...

Have you ever needed to show the location weather on Your Site, just with some clicks, if yes then this is for you.

SharePoint Weather Web-Part This web-part will let you know the weather condition of any region using the yahoo api. This web-part is very easy to deploy and use. It is also fully configurable and let you choose what all weather information you want to Add to the web-part. Features With optio...

nonofficialtribe makes downloads specially Designed for baseball.

Overview nonofficialtribe makes downloads specially Designed for baseball. Downloads MTOP v3b1 has been released! Download via the right-side panel on this page! MTO v3 will be released soon! If you want MTO 2008, you may e-mail me here. This is because the setup file for MTO 2008 is passwo...

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