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factory methods. Rar

java工厂方法.rar-factory methods. Rar...

Local K

Local K-means Algorithm for Colour Image Quantization...


本工程详细的演示了factory 设计模式,在项目开发中经常会用到该模式。factory模式主要功能:1、为创建对象提供接口;2、把对象实例化的工作延迟到子类中完成。具体看代码:...


Local Validator Local Validator library provides a small set of classes that will help you to perform Local validation in your code. Using the Local Validator library, your code will be cleaner and easier to understand. Using the Local Validator library, you will be able to validate Local objects...


Widgetfactory is an ActionScript API for building Captivate widgets. Each type of widget (Static, Interactive, and Question) are represented as a Class. To build a certain type of widget, extend that widget's class. For example, to build a Static widget, you would create a class and have it extend S...


Description A Eclipse plugin to enable the XML refactoring minimizing the impact to applications which uses it. It creates changes in the XML Schema and generate XSLT files to transform the XML documents among the versions. Donwload To download the plugin to your Eclipse add the following URL...


jsfactory is a means and method to declare an object with set values from a test fixture. You can also create the object with exact data that overrides the test fixture data. Unlike mock and stubs that merely return an expected response, jsfactory places objects in a known data state for the system...

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