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本工程详细的演示了factory 设计模式,在项目开发中经常会用到该模式。factory模式主要功能:1、为创建对象提供接口;2、把对象实例化的工作延迟到子类中完成。具体看代码:...


Local Validator Local Validator library provides a small set of classes that will help you to perform Local validation in your code. Using the Local Validator library, your code will be cleaner and easier to understand. Using the Local Validator library, you will be able to validate Local objects...


factorie has moved to Github! Visit the factorie website for installation instructions, usage guide, and examples. For any questions, feature requests or bug reporting, join our Mailing List. Research and development of factorIE is supported in part by the UMass Center for Intelligent Informat...

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Have you ever wanted to take an XML or generic Object and use it in your application as a typed ActionScript object? If so, the typical approach requires the developer to create custom factories in your BDs (Business Delegate, assuming you’re using Cairngorm) or directly in the BD or in each Comm...


Widgetfactory is an ActionScript API for building Captivate widgets. Each type of widget (Static, Interactive, and Question) are represented as a Class. To build a certain type of widget, extend that widget's class. For example, to build a Static widget, you would create a class and have it extend S...


An Application that helps to bring list of pages from any of wikimedia projects to Local computer. Usage Topic file format Before running application, we need to prepare topic list, list of wiki page arranged in a tree form. Topic list file is a simple text file with its content arranged in a...

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jsfactory is a means and method to declare an object then overwrite it with defined values that you can use for testing. It allows you to instantiate an object that prepare that object easily with the values that you need to test.

jsfactory is a means and method to declare an object with set values from a test fixture. You can also create the object with exact data that overrides the test fixture data. Unlike mock and stubs that merely return an expected response, jsfactory places objects in a known data state for the system...

Refactoring Plugin for FlashDevelop

This provides refactoring tools for FlashDevelop. With it you can right-click any class member or Local variable, and a new "Refactor" submenu will appear allowing you to find all references to, rename, or encapsulate the member. Functionality/Limitations Rename works on * functions *...

Local Food Hub supports cooperative supply, purchase and distribution of Local produce on a regular order cycle.

Local Food Hub is php application that runs on a web server to support a Local food distribution hub. The food hub consolidates orders for specific distribution days where pre-ordered produce is delivered by suppliers, packed by volunteers and collected by consumers. The full order cycle has an ord...

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