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Project Description Project Overview Traditional lunch bags require ice packs or external refrigeration to keep contents cool. Warm-temperature lunch bag storage is not currently available. There is no known-market solution to have a lunch bag that is electrically powered and capable of warm o...

Working with trackbacks and pingbacks in .NET

Working with trackbacks and pingbacks in .NET Send Trackback var trackback = new Trackback();var target_url = new Uri("target_url");var parameters = new LinkbackSendParameters { Title = "title", Excerpt = "excerpt", Url = new Uri("source_url"),...

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This project is Opensource programming subject. I will be developing a Guestbook. It used the Appengine SDK. It has simple fuctions. Function list. Greeting * write * update(modify) * delete * authority Comment * write * delete Mobile Client support(Android) #The same function support. Plan...

Working With Various Things On My Arduino.

Random Things Made With My Arduino, Will Put Links To Larger Projects As They Come Click On The _Downloads Tab_ For My Source Codes! Also Look At The _Wiki Tab_ For More Info On Each Project Basic Outlook Heres What Projects I Plan To Complete With My Arduino: Arduino: Working With 6 Sim...

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Working Copy of Joomla! Live Site

Introducing Working Copy Abstract This is a kind of Subversion for Joomla! live site. Idea & Benefits Administrators usually work on their live site directly and sometimes they do mistakes as all people d...

powered wheelchair trainer

Input and control system for a powered wheelchair using the ATxmega64A1 rev H. If you want to become a collaborator, please ask. To compile the code, use Atmel Studio 6.0.1996 - Service Pack 2 with AVRGCC In addition to programming the flash and eeprom files, the ATxmega64A1 brown-out d...

ArNetWorking for Java

Introduction MobileRobots' Advanced Robot Interface for Applications (ARIA) is a C++ library(software development toolkit or SDK) for all MobileRobots/ActivMedia platforms. (see ARIA supports Java, but it is NOT pure Java. It uses JNI technology and not p...

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