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Overview Ypsilon is the implementation of Scheme Programming Language, which conforms to the latest standard R6RS. It achieves a remarkably short GC pause time and the best performance in parallel execution as it implements "mostly concurrent garbage collection", which is optimized for...


muSE - short for 'muvee Symbolic Expressions' - is a Scheme dialect intended for use as an embedded language. It has some unique language features such as first class macros, simple general read-time evaluation syntax, vectors and hashtables that can be used as functions, and extensive use of patter...

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An interface in java that can be used for browsing the texdoc command results in a user-friendly mode.

Many users don't know what is a shell and how to use it. The purpose of this program is allow anyone to use the texdoc command in a simplier way. To try out the program just download the .app.tar.gz if you're on a macosx system, otherwise download the .jar. The number after the 'R' in the name of...

Mordern 3D Game Engine

Syp Engine is a simple yet powerful cross-platform 3D game engine being developed with the OpenGL API. The code is portable and should compile and run on multiple platforms including Windows(Win9x/XP/Vista/Win7) Linux macosx Simplicity and performance are the primary focus for the engine....

code snippets from gaffer on games

in this project i share helpful pieces of code like high resolution timers for macosx, simple OpenGL display setup, pixel format conversion routines and so on...

Gestionale Open Source Linux, Mac OS e Windows

Phasis è un gestionale Open Source che adotta una tradizionale interfaccia grafica (GUI), disponibile per Linux, macosx e Windows. L'installazione è resa particolarmente semplice: un solo file di installazione che comprende tutto il necessario per l'esecuzione del programma. Dal punto di vista te...

Desktop translation software

African Languages translation software based on Pan-African Living Dictionaries Online (PALDO) and The Kamusi Project. Software is based on the NetBeans Platform. Downloads Windows users download and install the Windows distribution. Linux users may download the Linux distribution. Solaris use...

Kamus en ke id dan id ke en dalam terminal

Kamus inggeris ke indonesia dan indonesia ke inggeris dalam Command line interface, Detail fitur-fitur dari aplikasi ini adalah sebagai berikut: 1. Cross platform (dicoba pada Ubuntu(11.04), macosx 10.6, Windows(7 dan XP)) Setiap kata yang dicari dapat dijadikan OpenTeacher file untuk dapat dihafa...

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