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Moved to GitHub jssnowball project moved to github - it is easy to add new stemmer now because all stemmers are generated automatically from according stem\_Unicode.sbl Standalone JavaScript Language Identifier also on github Urim is a standalone, offline tag cloud builder engine, which is...


Overview This is a very simple time tracking application. Add your task and clients by clicking "Add Task" Click that task in the grid to start tracking time against it After 8 hours have accrued, I suggest leaving work and going home Install Download the .zip file To run it, exp...

QDevelop is a Development Environment for Qt4

QDevelop QDevelop is a development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4. QDevelop requires Qt4, MinGW under Windows, gdb for programs debugging and ctags for code completion. QDevelop is available in English, French, German, Dutch and Russian. Features At A Glance Cross Platform: Supports Lin...


About the project Name Collection of stop words in 29 languages (arabic, brazil, bulgarian, catalan, chinese, czech, danish, dutch, english, finnish, French, german, greek, hindi, hungarian, indonesian, italian, japanese, latvian, norwegian, persian, polish, portugese, romanian, russian, slovak...


Master 1 Advanced Database Project from Nice-Sophia Antipolis University. The goal of this project is to create a java application in order to manage education. A French description of this can be found here :


NoForget, c'est quoi ? return (QString*) System::getProjectSummary(); NoForget est un logiciel qui ne vous permet plus de sortir l'excuse "j'ai oublier" à vos profs ! Grâce à ce logiciel, tout ce qui concerne l'école sera totalement informatisé, de l'emploi du temps au préparage de...


connexions is a tagging/folksonomy/social bookmarking system similar to, simpy, furl, or BlinkList....

[法国] C / GTK+贝洛特:卡牌游戏

The purpose of this project is to improve the videogame of Belote : Mainly AI and maybe add network feature....


Recherche d'appartements neufs, pavillons et maisons individuelles en construction ou disponibles en France - site d'investissement immobilier, placements en assurance vie...

aiscolai网站帮助学校在PHP aiscolai是帮助学校在PHP网站

aiscolai est un site d'aide scolaire en PhP. Son contenu est généré dynamiquement avec ce que les utilisateurs enregistrés mettent comme questions. La configuration de ce site est simple, il faut une plateforme Apache / PhP d'installée (par exemple XamPP ou EasyPhP) et configurer la connexion v...

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