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ATTENTION: Home of BTmemoryModule is now at Github -> With BTmemoryModule (pascal code by a dynamic link library (DLL) can be loaded from memory without storing it on the hard-disk first. BTmemoryModule is a Pascal port of Joachim Bauch'...

14天前 发布


luaKit.framework is a full implementation of lua 5.1.4 (with some alterations) with an Objective-C abstraction in a framework suitable for embedding in Mac OS X Cocoa applications. This includes Foundation native conversions and delegations to and from the state. Significant innovations in this fra...

lua compatibility layer for RIFT, allowing the use of WOW addons with RIFT.

Introduction This addon needs contributions. My goal is to have limited to no configuration time to utilize a WOW addon in RIFT. In the 1.6 release RIFT was updated to include some minor action bar integration (or at least the use of macros) and thus this may become more useful. Example of the...

luaPlayer Euphoria - Lightning Fast luaPlayer

luaPlayer Euphoria is a lua interpreter for the PSP. luaPlayer Euphoria is built upon the luaPlayer V0.20 source code. It is optimized for speed and gets faster with every version. New features are being added all the time. It can currently play Mp3's and can use the IntraFont font rendering libr...

lua for PHP

lua for PHP extension Plua has be moved to PECL, Plua is a PHP extension which with the lua interpreter embed in. Plua is an rewritten version of PHP-lua(, rewritten codes, add support for lua_TFUNCTION return by lua, optimized profermance, m...

13天前 发布

lua Script to connect database via ADODB

This project is providing a lib to connect database via ADODB for lua on Windows platform. luaado is a project under the luasql. Please support this project: Prepare and open the driver: require "luasql.adodb" env = assert (luasql.adodb()) env will be used to build the connection....

13天前 发布

luar | NCL Template Engine

luar é um sistema de processamento de templates para a autoria de documentos NCL. Todo sistema de processamento de templates possui uma linguagem para descrição dos templates e do modelo de dados, e um processador de template para gerar a saída na forma de documento. A linguagem do luar é insp...

13天前 发布

memory Sound é um jogo da memória, que utiliza sons para que o jogador repita a sequência gerada pelo programa.

Projeto Final, Laboratório de Programação 1, solicitado pelo professor Mário Hozano, Universidade Federal de Alagoas - Campus Arapiraca. O jogo memory Sound, como o próprio nome já diz, une música a memória, onde sequências aleatórias são geradas e o jogador deve repeti-las, corretamente....

lua scripting for the CBC

cbclua is a framework for programming the chumby botball controller in lua. Its main features include faster program development and wireless interaction, as well as bringing the advanced programming features of lua to competitive robotics....

memory anti-forensic proof of concept

Dementia Dementia is a proof of concept memory anti-forensic toolkit designed for hiding various artifacts inside the memory dump during memory acquisition on Microsoft Windows operating system. By exploiting memory acquisition tools and hiding operating system artifacts (eg. processes, threads,...

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