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这是一个 beta 版二进制文件 (可执行文件) 的 c + + 版本的拉格朗日 (同一方法只是不同语言的速度和一些新的分析) 的下载一节中。以后下载和 UNARCHIVING,运行的 chmod + x lagrange_cpp 和它应该工作如果您正在运行 10.6 macosx。将...


Python文档 Python 2.6 文档 在线阅读 PDF(A4) HTML Python 3.1 文档 在线阅读 PDF(A4) HTML Python 2.7 alpha 1 released on December 5th, 2009 Gzipped source tar ball (2.7a1) Bzipped source tar ball (2.7a1) Windows x86 MSI Installer (2.7a1) Windows AMD64 MSI Installer (2.7a1) MD5...


How to Install Freecell Mac OSX Install (or make sure you have): Python2.7-32 (When this is installed you can type in python2.7-32 from your terminal to run Python) Numpy for python 2.7, macosx10.3 Scipy for python 2.7, macosx10.3 Matplotlib for python 2.7, macosx10.3 You also need to have...


Summary This C library retrieves specific reactions from the ‎BioModels database. It provides an API for: Performing simple string searches over a knowledge base that represents all biochemical reactions in BioModels Retrieving data related to specific reactions such as its kinetic law, parti...


Tamanoir is an image processing tool to remove small dust from picture scans. This introduction in French/Cette introduction en français: [IntroductionFrancais]( Most of the flatbed scanners do not provide optical ICE, but only digital ICE, which is very slow, sometime...

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Mozilla的JavaScript for Mac OS X桥。

Mozilla JavaScript-Cocoa Bridge for Mac OS X Lightweight bridge for calling Cocoa frameworks from Mozilla JavaScript, js-macosx transparently handles definition of Cocoa API, both C and Objective-C, and provides automatic declarations for framework functions, structures, constants and enumerations...

7.5 dB(for Linux,Windows和Mac OSX 10.6(2000/XP)+)

MaxDB 7.5 MaxDB is a complete open-source (GPL) enterprise-grade Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) developed by SAP AG. Due to its good portability MaxDB runs on mostly all relevant platforms including Windows, macosx, Linux and several Unix derivates like IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris (...

MacOS X内核扩展,防止睡觉时盖上盖子。

Close your MacBook without putting it to sleep Projects consists of kext and userspace tools that help to manage sleep behavior. NoSleep makes closing of your MacBook lid possible without going to a sleep mode. Now you shouldn't have to plug your mouse and monitor to stay computer awake - just acti...

Сообщество переводчиков приложений для Mac OS X

Привет. Мы создаем и дорабатываем существующие переводы на русский язык тех программ для Mac OS X, которые нам самим очень нравятся. Как правило, это происходит по дву...


Description Hare2D Game Engine is designed for rapid game development. Developers can use C++ or script language such as lua and python to make games. Hare2D also provides an editor to edit and debug scripts and create game resources. This game engine is designed to work on video game consoles and...

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