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sample applications for Oracle Fusion Middleware technology

Project contains a growing set of Open Source sample applications for Oracle Fusion Middleware technology. sample applications are based on blog posts published on Andrejus Baranovskis blog -

sample middleware projects

Introduction This project is mostly focus on Oracle Fusion Middleware practical solutions. Simple well documented use cases ready to use. THIS IS WORK IN PROGRESS Configuration Is this section we'll describe the general configuration required to download, build and deploy the projects in this...

11天前 发布

sample apps that use the XBMC HTTP API

sample apps that use the XBMC HTTP API Please note some of the apps are very old and may no longer work with the latest version of xbmc but they should still be useful as a starting point for new developments....

11天前 发布

sample Apps for Android

A bunch of sample apps for Android. Simple workarounds and examples for doing things on Android. Custom Progress Bar - A customized Progress Bar for android with your own animation Drag and Drop widgets on Android Ongoing notifications on Android HTML with images in a Text View Custom Expandable L...

sample code and proofs of concept of JavaEE technologies

Different proof of concepts, sample codes and good practice of Java EE technologies: Examples: - Webservices with Xfire, Jibx and Spring (built with maven) Maybe more to come......

sample source from events, blog entries, videos, etc

This repository contains all the sample sourcecode from my conference and event sessions, from the blog entries on, from videos, etc This repository is now obsolete, as I've moved everything to I'll delete this one eventually, but new c...

11天前 发布

sample Implementations using different Open Source Frameworks

Here you can find some sample implementations that I created to play around with some of the frameworks 'm interested in. Enjoy!! | Project | Technology | Description | |:------------|:---------------|:----------------| | BookStore | Wicket, Hibernate Search | Demo App | | JobPortal | Gr...

sample code from the MAKE magazine blog

Void your warranty, violate a user agreement, fry a circuit, blow a fuse, poke an eye out. Make: The risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things... Here are sample programs that have been featured in articles on the Make Blog!...

11天前 发布
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