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java CMS框架的动力

Java powered CMS Framework -Java powered CMS Framework...

Android 驱动访问控制

这个程序基于 adurino 的嵌入式 C 语言和平均值的这个项目是使用密码保护,并且 allertness 使用蜂鸣器的门开启...

一个完整的易于使用的CRM应用程序采用.net 4(C # 4,ASP.NET MVC 2和Windows窗体)

EasyCRM is a complete application that provides you with the most commons CRM softwares' functionalities. This application is composed of two interfaces. The first, for Salespeople (who are nomadic) is based on a thin client (Web browser). Basically, the goal of this interface is to allow Commercial...


This is a music player for the Sony PSP powered by FFMpeg which means you can play all audio codecs from any container format supported by ffmpeg( This also makes use of the PSP's hardware decoders for some codecs....


Beaglebot Open-source BeagleBone-powered 3 wheel robot GettingStarted | Latest Software | Mechanicals | BOM The Beaglebot is project aimed at building open source robotics using the beaglebone single board computer. Why beaglebone? It's a true opensource platform with enough power to run a...

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Hello, world! This is POCLMD, a MD simualtion code. My full name is Python-OpenCL-Molecular-Dynamics. I have a short name PMD (Python-MD or Parallel-MD). I will be Fast: accelerated by GPUs or multicore CPUs Flexiable: powered by python Easy: as python...


This is a jQuery plugin to create a bar of real-time stream of information related to your post powered by Collecta search engine. Collecta monitors the streams of news sites, popular blogs and social media. So it can show you results as they happen. There are five content categories in Collecta - u...


Simplyfied OpenGL library and simple raytracer Implements: multiple light sources, triangledefined models, sphere primitives, ray-reflection & refraction, area lights defined by meshes, global illumination....


The solar decathlon is a competition consisting of 20 collegiate teams designing and building the most efficient solar powered home. For the 2011 competition, a team from the University of Hawaii was invited to join the competition. Team Hawaii 2011 This project is intended to be an interface desig...

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