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Project summary This project implemented an algorithm for image blending. For now, I followed the paper "Poisson Image Editing" (SIGGRAPH 2003). The algorithm is written in MATLAB, the GUI is implemented in C#. The project is in alpha stage, so there still might be bugs in the code. # P...

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About This is a multiplatform software oscilloscope and logical analyzer. It supports arduino(with custom firmware) and a Parallax USB oscilloscope. More platforms to come. Features Panoramic view Load and save waveforms Zoom in and out Can open several waveforms at the same time Can run seve...


X-Multiposte-TV Il s'agit d'un logiciel libre, qui via un PC Linux, permet de regarder/enregistrer les chaines TV des modems Internet ADSL et fibre optique : Freebox, NeufBox, LiveBox et Bbox. Ces flux TV proviennent du service TV multiposte. Cela offre à la fois un choix conséquent, la possibi...


**WARNING:** All development on this project has ended, so no new versions or bug fixes will be provided. The project's binaries and source code are merely provided for people who wish to use the engine, or its components, for their own game or project. Parcel Game Engine's main goal is to abstract...

网络编程在Java RMI的聊天室

Chat in java rmi Struttura Login Chat pubblica Chat private Client amministratore...


m2tklib - Mini Interative Interface Toolkit Library A portable graphical and character user interface (GUI+CUI) library for embedded systems. Nov 2013: New Release v1.11, ChangeLog, new tutorial on Event Sources DOGS102 Graphics Display 16x4 Character Display ![


Current version 1.0 The DVD to MKV conversion tool is a windows batch script that allows users to directly rip DVD/ISO audio & video streams to their hard drive in the MKV container. The script utilizes Slysoft's Virtual CloneDrive to handle loading of ISO images, DVD Decrypter to obtain the a...

从BibTeX to Prolog转换器

Converter from bibtex to prolog To run, check out the source, and run make in the directory. It would compile using GNU-Prolog and create bibdb in the same directory. Use the bibbd with the .db.bib in the same directory (concatenate your bib files to .bib.db in the directory from where bibdb is run...


Version 0.1.0 has been released! Check out the Downloads section for the distribution files, in addition to snapshots of the source code and project files. Examitext is a tool which analyses three different kinds of textual data - text documents, chat logs and source code - providing various statis...

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