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Ios AVCam描述:AVCam 演示 AV 基础捕获 API 的用法记录电影、 仍然拍摄和切换相机。它只能在一个实际的设备,ipad 或 iPhone 上运行并不能在模拟器中运行。生成要求:Xcode 5.0 或更高版本,iOS SDK 7.0 或更高版本运行时要求:iOS 7.0 或...


About This project uses Xcode's UIWebView object to display embedded web content and content navigation. This will enable you to turn any type of iOS-compatible WebApp into a fully compatible and functioning native iOS application. The iOS application does require an internet connection of some ty...


PanoramaGL Library PanoramaGL library was the first open source library in the world to see panoramic views on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The supported features in version **0.1** are: Run on iPhone, iPod Touch and ipad Tested with SDK 4.x to 5.x Supports OpenGL ES 1.1 Supports spherical,...


European Warranty Partners SE, kurz EWP bietet mit dem myPhone-Schutz eine Garantielösung für iPhone und ipad. Mit diesen Garantieprodukten gehören zukünftig Reparaturkosten oder Kulanzgespräche im Schadensfall der Vergangenheit an. Mit dem myPhone-Schutz ist ein Gerät 24 Stunden am Tag und w...


Moving to GitHub We're moving the content of this site over to GitHub, please file issues and requests there! old content Eponyms This Application brings the beautiful eponym database from Andrew J. Yee ( to your iPhone, iPod touch or ipad. The database currently con...


ipad 导航是一个针对 ipad 的网址导航网站,收集的都是常用的并且专为ipad优化过的网站。 这个网站收集了很多针对 ipad 优化的网站或者网页,让用户打开网站导航网站就能找到所有适合或者针对 ipad 优化的网站。 ipad网址导航...


scala-ipv4 is a Scala library for IPv4 related concepts such as IP addresses, network masks, address pools, etc. Key Concepts ipaddress ipaddress represents an IPv4 address. val address = new ipaddress("") ipaddress can be used to make calculations on IP addresses, such...


An Application to turn your touchpad into writingpad or a drawing surface. You can write or draw anything on the touchpad. It will be saved into an image file. This application can be used with almost any touchpad/trackpad as writing surface. It is built with the help of synclient, synaptics touchp...


ipad 触摸双击事件,经测实用。安卓也测试可以用。...

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