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这是一个 beta 版二进制文件 (可执行文件) 的 c + + 版本的拉格朗日 (同一方法只是不同语言的速度和一些新的分析) 的下载一节中。以后下载和 UNARCHIVING,运行的 chmod + x lagrange_cpp 和它应该工作如果您正在运行 10.6 macosx。将...


Projects: * buildtools: Various maven mojos and ant targets to assist in using various APIs. * [modeldata]( Annotation used by buildtools to mark classes to be processed to generate GXT ModelData implementations from existing POJOs. * UnittWebSocketClient: Objective-C WebSocket client...


Lagrange is a Python package implementing likelihood models for geographic range evolution on phylogenetic trees, with methods for inferring rates of dispersal and local extinction and ancestral ranges. This software implements methods described in Ree, R H and S A Smith. 2008. Maximum likelihood i...


A simple personal finance software for you. Support Windows, Linux, MacOS X. Source depend: python 2.5 + wxPython 2.8.9 + python sqlite3 module YouMoney(有钱记账)是一个跨平台的免费个人记账软件。它可以运行在windows, linux, macos x。他使用简单,只有记账...


About PyDuel _For the time being this project is discontinued._ PyDuel is a two-player duel shooting game. It is the result of work done by Johan Lundström and Lucas Correia in the subject "Projektarbete" at Fyrisskolan, Uppsala in Sweden. It features music by Emil Fredén. A simple pr...


Based on ewelot's findings on sansa forums, I've done a little GUI app. which will let you convert your videos to a format readable by our beloved fuze. Video explaining how to use video4fuze New: for those who wanted it, now there's a zip compiled archive for download. It has support for a wide...


Introduction Vasik* is a plugin-based framework in which plugins are written in C/C++ and are interpreted over a main lua script. Vasik* relies on: * Lua ( A programming language used as scripting language. * SWIG ( Simplified wrapper and interface gener...


This project aims at going beyond the excellent Swing and SwingX libraries, building upon them : * ready-to-use group-enabled data mining tree-tables with column grouping by drag and drop * table models that are easy to write with lambdas (from Java 7 or Scala) * JDBC table models (with support for...


TreeView X is an open source program to display phylogenetic trees on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms. It can read and display NEXUS and Newick format tree files (such as those output by PAUP, ClustalX, TREE-PUZZLE, and other programs). It has a subset of the functionality of the versio...

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Description Hare2D Game Engine is designed for rapid game development. Developers can use C++ or script language such as lua and python to make games. Hare2D also provides an editor to edit and debug scripts and create game resources. This game engine is designed to work on video game consoles and...

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