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UDP 客户端程序

导入系统 进口 System.Environment 进口 System.Net 进口 System.Net.NetworkInformation 进口 System.Text 公共类 Form1 私营 Sub cmdConnection_Click (ByVal 发送者 ByVal e 作为 System.EventArgs 作为 System.Object) 句柄 cmdConnection.Click ' 获取的连接状态...

TCP 服务器的客户端程序



Welcome! This project provides open source software for Apple iPhone, ipad, OSX technologies for fun, control and to explore new ideas for Surveyor cameras and robotics. The forthcoming releases will allow you to: * drive your SRV via the iPhone SDK with single/stereo camera vision and virtual jo...


Welcome! The VMIX Online Video Platform presents a robust, extensible environment for ingesting, managing and delivering online video anytime, anywhere, on any device. The VMIX Mobile Video SDK To support video implementation on a range of mobile devices, we offer the VMIX Mobile Video SDK, a fre...


This project is a pure html implementation of the iTunes UI on top of the Subsonic music server web service api. The aim is to make it look and feel and as close to itunes as possible but not make any changes to the subsonic server code. In addition I want it to be simple to install (drop the files...


Goals iPhylo is a series of experiments in biodiversity informatics. Some of the projects described on my iPhylo blog will have their source code here (see also the bioGUID respository for projects such as bioGUID and BioStor). For some general background see my paper on Biodiversity informatics:...


PyMaltego is a python module which provides facilities for creating and interacting with Maltego Transforms. The module provides both a WSGI compliant server application, and also client utilities. The PyMaltego module is primarily designed for creating new Transforms, however it is equally capable...


A Javascript library to allow you to easily embed a webcam recorder in your own site and display recorded videos with just a few lines of code. ATTENTION: To get started right away go to our [Quick Start guide here]( **ATTENTION: For advanced features and customisations read our Tut...


The confparse python module can process simple properties files but also files with sections. It gives convenient access to the values, or gives features like variable evaluation or default values. Configuration files can not only be read but also updated with one-liners, while keeping layout and c...

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