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This is a small Python module that determines and returns standardized names for platforms, where the "standard" is Trent Mick's reasoning :) from experience building ActivePython on a fairly large number of platforms. The driving goal is to provide platform names that are: * relatively s...


Jukes was created for the serious music lover. This program was created for people who rip full CD's or possibly their entire CD collection to their hard drive. Jukes allows you to have all of your CD's at your fingertips and play them like a real jukebox. Perfect for DJ's, whether in your house or...


Essence Editor Essence Editor is an editing tool chain developed for Project Essence on top of Java Monkey Engine version 2.0. It includes a character editing perspective that allows creation and editing of animated, particle effect decorated character sets. And a world editing perspective that al...


In 2004, the ICAO published a new version of Doc9303 that defines the specifications of the electronic passports, known as ePassports. These passports, easily recognizable with their logo on the front cover, contain a passive contactless chip featured with some cryptographic mecanisms. ePassport Vi...


Cuberok is a music player and a collection manager based on Qt4. It has lightweight interface, music collection support and many features, e.g. music autorating and Last.FM scrobbler. Features English and Russian interface. CUE support. Codepage selection for CUE sheets Shoutcast/icecast suppor...


Podeu descarregar el Codi Font o bé només els binaris per a Linux i macosx Per consultar l'algorisme d'aquest projecte entreu a AlgorismeMain i MesAlgorisme Els usuaris poden consultar un manual a aquí Els desenvolupadors tenen el manual tècnic aquí i es poden baixar el codi font mitjançant s...


BLBARC is a software aimed to help visually impaired people to find objects from their barcode : they just need a barcode reader and a speech synthesis. Requirements To use it you need to have Java JRE 1.5 (included in macosx 10.4+) : If you want to use a Windows' screen re...


This project intends to complement SWT with Qt widgets. Main effort is put into providing WebKit integration based on Qt WebKit bindings (QWebView). Unlike Jambi, this project provides SWT APIs to Qt widgets so they can be used in SWT-based applications (i.e. Eclipse plug-ins). This code integrates...

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