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perl language based on the MS

基于perl语言实现的MS-Word文档信息提取程序,方便以后进行全文检索-perl language based on the MS-Word document information extraction procedures to facilitate subsequent full-text retrieval...

perl language based on the mail server, using web mail form Transceivers

基于perl语言的邮件服务器,采用web方式进行收发邮件-perl language based on the mail server, using web mail form Transceivers...


What's this? perlcritic-checker is a subversion hook that allows commits if and only if perl code passes validation using perl::Critic module. This way you can apply consistent coding practices inside your team. Main features you can specify different perl::Critic's profiles for different pat...


Name perl IRC BOT (, #perl - perl^^) DESCRIPTION POE::Component::IRC 를 이용한 perl BOT 만들기입니다. GUIDE 블로그 혹은 아래의 IRC 를 참조하세요. JOIN US Contact SEE ALSO, #perl-kr, #perl...

perl IDE perl写的

An IDE written in perl 5 that is designed to be beginner friendly offering various ways to help the new perl programmer. It also offers help learning perl 6 and has plugins to support various other programming languages. The source code of Padre and most of the plugins can be found in the projects...


Description perl bindings for the Qt4 and KDE4 libraries. This project supplies a production-ready module that is similar in syntax to the perlQt3 binding. Features Based on the Smoke library, so any method that Smoke wraps is supported. Create perl packages that subclass, extend, and overri...

perl implementation of the MSN协议

MSNP-perl (MSN3) This is an open source package that allows easy integration from perl to the Windows Live protocol. It give you the ability to easily create a perl integration with the msn servers using the latest protocols and services. With it coming onto the scene very recently on the 18th Janu...

libperl + +是一个嵌入和使用C++扩展perl

This project has moved to [github]( You will find a much more up-to-date version there. libperl++ is a C++ library that provides a more friendly interface for the the perl API. It makes use of advanced features of C++ to make both embedding and extending perl as...


Please see the new Net::Identica perl module which obsoletes this module NAME Net::Laconica - perl extension for fetching from, and sending notices/messages to Laconica instances VERSION Version 0.08 SYNOPSIS ``` use Net::Laconica; my $identi = Net::Laconica->new(...

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