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This module is written for people who wanted to do independent tasks parallely, but wants to control how many tasks they are running. Typical usage is a mass-download. For more information, examples, see the README: <wiki:gadget url="


Device::USB provides a perl wrapper for the libusb library. The module started off as a thin layer over libusb. It has now been extended to provide a few more perl-ish methods. There is still a bit of a disconnect between the Windows ppm version and the CPAN version. CPAN: 0.29 Windows PPM: 0.28...


We can install any number of modules in a single command. Also all dependent modules of these modules installed simultaneously. Syntax: perl installer module1 module2 etc Example: perl installer SOAP::Parser Authen::NTLM::HTTP Note: Always run as a root user For any help about this script,...


Tie::Table is a perl module, which is written to achieve transparent object-persistance. It supports DBI data-sources and foreign-key relations. See the README file of the module for more information: <wiki:gadget url="

perlin噪声发生器和C #单纯形

perlin simplex noise generator for generating improved perlin noise written in C# with no external dependencies and released to public domain. Includes generators for 1D, 2D and 3D. Simplex noise generator has several advantages over standard perlin noise, most notably: * Computationally faster. *...


AlphaMail client for perl Use this library to connect your application to the AlphaMail system. Start sending transactional e-mail today without the hassle of SMTP and large blocks of unmaintainable HTML. AlphaMail supports templating (Comlang), DKIM-signatures and reliable delivery. Beside that,...

perl 5.005

A repository for perl 5.005. perl is a dynamic programming language created by Larry Wall and first released in 1987. perl borrows features from a variety of other languages including C, shell scripting (sh), AWK, sed and Lisp....


This package contains a set of tools for working with gene order data, and is intended to be used with the Bioperl suite of perl modules for bioinformatics. Gene Orders can be created using the Bioperl Seq object, and can further be combined into sets of Gene Orders. These Set objects provide func...

perl IRC僵尸AI的壮举。ClanBase

Using chat history to create an artificial intelligence This is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bot written in perl with Clanbase integration and a less functional artificial intelligence (work in progress). We use simple HTML parsing methods to obtain game data and WWW::Mechanize for browsing. Combi...


 这里提供令人CGI计数的perl 源码。 perl 最初的设计者为拉里·沃尔(Larry Wall),它于1987年12月18日发表。perl借取了C、sed、awk、shell scripting以及很多其他程序语言的特性....

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