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Introduction Using libnfc, touchatag-processing is Processing library that allows users to connect and read from cheap touchatag RFID readers on the Windows and Macintosh platforms. This library affords the simultaneously connection of multiple touchatag readers, and up to three tags on each one...


A new approach to distributed systems, using remote containers (vector, lists and maps) and publish/subscribe model. Containers can hold strings, doubles and ints. Data is written in a key/value/metadata model. Every container has a property map, that can be used to store the value schema (or some...


Overview BlueRose is a middleware to support multiparadigm communications and dynamic discovery of nearby resources in ubiquitous systems. It is developed in C++, Java, C#, Python and Objective-C and it is portable between Linux, Windows, macosx, Android and iOS operating systems. Source code is...


sidl - Simple Interface Define Language is an inter-process communication framework over internet. It is easily to use. write a .sidl file (just like android .aidl file), and generate code automatically by sidl tool. code generated by sidl is also programming language independed and os independed ,...


Update I ported this to Node.JS, you can view the project here: No longer maintained This project is no longer maintained. If you'd like to become the new maintainer, go ahead and contact me and I'll set it up. A lot of clients want easy printing, document genera...


ERPLibre is an open source software for fully featured SME management system (ERP for small and medium enterprises). The project is inspired in a set of propietary ERP tools developed with VB now developed with Python libraries. (Ver introducción en español) The project seeks to develop an open...


Moved to github. The squirrel scripting language seeks to address some problems of lua language and offer a C like syntax with some god extras but it lacks a source code repository and some facilities provided by default in lua like string.gsub, string.gmatch, io.lines, modules, ..., this project...

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