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I often need to take a CSV file that has a header row and turn it into a perl data structure for further manipulation. This package does that in as few steps as possible. I've added a create method in version 0.8 because sometimes you just want to create some bog standard CSV from an array of hashe...


NAME CGI::Session::ID::sha - CGI::Session ID driver for generating SHA-1 based IDs SYNOPSIS use CGI::Session; $session = new CGI::Session('id:sha', undef); DESCRIPTION Use this module to generate SHA-1 encoded hexadecimal IDs for CGI::Session objects. This library does not require a...

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ABOUT Devel::NYTProf is the most advanced performance profiler for perl with many great features. For documentation and downloads, see Devel::NYTProf on For development, bug reports, and contributing, see timbunce/devel-nytprof on github. There's also a mailing list / group on grou...


Program design: This is a Moose based perl Module. The idea behind the module is that someone creating a bot should not really have to know a whole lot about how the Jabber protocol works in order to use it. It also allows us to abstract away all the things that can get a bot maker into trouble. A...


Script is designed to update information on number of replays, and also on the date of a last replay in the library of iTunes based on the data received from Algoritm: * Connect to the service and download of statistic on music replay by the user for the whole time of using the ser...

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perlwd UNIX哈希饼干

This was an application that I started as a teach-yourself-how-things-work type of project. It got more and more advanced, and I started using more and more perl modules for cooler features. Then G0d0t from the PLA Forums helped me out by adding supoprt for threading on multiprocessors in the perl c...


I wanted a simple command-line tool to be able to grab real-time stats from memcache (memcached, I know, I know), and output it in a view something like top. I couldn't find anything like it, so I wrote one myself in perl. When writing it, I tried to keep it simple, portable, and lightweight. (No...


PPLOG is a blog powered by perl, it's a 45KB perl file, with simplicity on mind. It uses flatfiles, so it does not need mysql. Its hihgly customizable, very easy to style, and it is only 1 .pl file, 1 .css file and some images. Its very easy to install, and it has MANY functions, including making e...

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