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基于FTTP的Web浏览器 自己弄的好辛苦的哦 

基于FTTP的Web浏览器 自己弄的好辛苦的哦 -based Web browsers themselves get a good hard oh...

phonegap 二维码插件使用实例

资源描述 phonegap 二维码插件使用实例 二维码插件已添加,具体调用可查看代码 目前只编译了android的项目。 添加android项目后,如果保存,请修改项目引入的cordovalib...


Exploring Android development through some simple programs, with a focus on use of OpenGL in Android Apps. To compile the code, you can just use "ant", eg: Photoviewer: A photoviewer on the Android that comes with simple...


wallPortal After downloading & trying out the Backgrounds Application from the App Catalog i was extremely disappointed that images could not be saved. This app is meant to be one that will have several different sources for wallpapers & will allow the user to save images. I guess this i...


UPDATE: (5.31.11) r06 released today, with Added support for markup of a touch area - Elements with attribute data-toucharea="true" will automatically be a touch area, no need for javascript call to initialize the element (works only when jQueryMobile available) UPDATE: (5.19.11) r05 rele...


CopierciN is a basic attempt to bring Copy&Paste functionality to iPhone. It actually is a copy/paste enabled text-editor which can import&export textual data between applications. It can be downloaded to jailbroken iPhones with 2.x firmwares from Cydia, under BigBoss repository, in Utilit...


This is an offline viewer for the PHP Manual implemented as Android app. Now available on the Android Market! After you install it, it will ask if you want to download the PHP Manual in a language of your choice. The download is a zip-file and is about 15MB in size. The files are actually download...


Android Template for applications. Contain android action bar, social sharing, webview, Dialogs, intents with more. You just have to make few changes and you have big part of application there, Have a fun....



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